2014 June 27 Friday
Discount Maids For Sale In Singapore

Singapore has lots of imported low wage domestic workers that must have America's elites salivating: Buy a discount maid at Singapore's malls.

Go to the Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, a 1970s mall in central Singapore, and you will find five levels of brightly lit rooms and galleries called "Homekeeper" and "Budget Maid". Inside these rooms, dozens of women sit in a listless, artificial silence. They nod respectfully as you enter, and some watch closely as you speak to staff. You might take one home with you - for two years, or longer.

Hey Barack, want to score points with America's upper class and really get them in your court? Stop letting people walk across the border. Instead install recruiters in all US embassies to do screening of domestic worker applicants for etiquette, demure manner, and willingness to work 80 hours per week as servants. Then American shopping malls will experience a revival when all these domestic workers flood in to pose just as they do in Singapore.

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