2014 June 16 Monday
Cheers To Rev Guards Battling In Tikrit!

Our allies, the heroic Iranian Revolutionary Guards, are not afraid to take the battle to the Iraqi Sunni home turf of Tikrit.

Why are the Kurds and Iranians much more courageous and motivated fighters than the Iraqi Shias? Government corruption? Will the Shias fight more effectively militias in than as members if the Iraqi Army? Different rates of consanguineous marriage? Iraqi Shias conditioned to feel too submissive toward Iraqi Sunnis? What is going on with this? Shiites in the Sadr City district in Baghdad are cleaning their weapons and Iraqi Shia militia members fighting in Syria have rushed back home to fight in Iraq.

The Kurdish Peshmerga are grabbing more territory. The Sunni and Shia Arabs won't fight each other over that territory. The Kurds have The Right Stuff to carve a nation out of a piece of Iraq. Bully for them!

This surprises me: The Kurds have a quarter million Syrian refugees living in their proto nation-state.

“The KRG is currently a safe haven for approximately 250,000 Syrian refugees, as well as hundreds of thousands of internally-displaced people fleeing the violence in Mosul and elsewhere. We are doing our best to cope with this humanitarian emergency.”

What are the religious affiliations and ethnicities of these refugees? Also, can the Kurds in Syria carve a piece of Syria off to add to the state they have carved out of Iraq? A Kurdish state in parallel to an ISIS state?

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2014 June 16 09:41 PM 

bob sykes said at June 17, 2014 4:32 AM:

The Syrian refugees are likely to be Sunnis as that is the dominant sect in the war zone. The Kurds are Sunni, too.

The Kurd/Sunni Arab/Shia Arab split has also occurred in Syria as well as Iraq and might happen in Lebanon. We are seeing a restructuring of the Middle East along more natural ethnic and religious lines. That probably means trouble for the US and EU in the long-run as new states will likely be virulently anti-Western.

Jim said at June 17, 2014 5:28 AM:

Ethnically mixed units perform poorly because everybody suspects they will be betrayed by the other ethnicities in the unit. Shia militias will fight much better than Shia in an Iraqi army unit. Of course they will also brutalize Sunni civilians when they get hold of them.

Jim said at June 17, 2014 5:30 AM:

The chances of a Kurdistan existing peacefully on the eastern border of Turkey for very long is zero.

JB said at June 17, 2014 10:31 AM:

Kurdistan also has a lot of the oil, I believe. Whoever wins the civil war isn't going to tolerate the loss of oil.

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