2014 June 16 Monday
US And Britain Rapprochement With Iran?

Think about how foolish John Kerry was to complain last year about Iran's support for Hafez el-Assad's government in Damascus Syria. The opposition to Assad had already become dominated by Sunni Jihadist groups which are nowhere near classical or modern liberals. Secularists in the Middle East (e.g. Assad) are our allies, not religious Jihadists. Now John Kerry is singing a more concilitatory tune about Iran.

Just months ago John Kerry's State Department was criticising Iran for support of Shia militias in Iraq which are clearly needed to stop ISIS. I bet the Shia militias show themselves far more willing to stand and fight as compared to the Iraqi Army.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague has signaled time for a joint response with Iran against ISIS.

The collapse of Iraq has led Britain and the United States towards a historic rapprochement with Iran which could end 35 years of hostility.

This is funny!

But what about the Kurds? The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki thinks the Kurds made a deal with ISIS.

Many Shiite politicians are deeply uncomfortable with Mr. Maliki’s more indiscriminate condemnations. “To say the Kurds are supporting ISIS is not a useful narrative,” said a former member of Mr. Maliki’s government. “We need the Kurds. Even the Iranians are telling him that.”

Certainly the Kurds are gaining territory from ISIS's attacks. But that's because the Iraqi military folded so quickly and easily. Did the Kurds know the attacks were coming? I doubt that ISIS needed the Kurds. ISIS was going to attack anyway regardless of what the Kurds thought.

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