2014 April 09 Wednesday
Germany To Embrace Counterspying Against United States

A spying arms race anyone?

While the minister's words may have sounded innocuous, they marked nothing less than the start of a political about-face. Away from the public eye, the German government is moving toward implementing plans to turn its own spies against partner countries like the United States, putting allies on the same level as the Chinese, Russians and North Koreans.

If I was in charge of the German government I'd respond to NSA spyingi by heavily hardening my communications and computer networks. This is a far more productive response than trying to get the NSA to back off since a vulnerable computer network is also an invitation to many other national governments and organized crime as well.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2014 April 09 07:56 PM 

Wolf-Dog said at April 10, 2014 10:40 PM:

Germany is not as innocent as it pretends to be because it was initially responsible for encouraging the Western part of Ukraine to gravitate towards EU: the German intention was to cause chaos in the interior of Russia itself as a cascading reaction to Ukraine, not so much the transformation of Ukraine itself, so that if Russia ultimately disintegrates, then Germany can get all the raw materials and minerals at fire sale prices. Of course, the incentive (bribe) that convinced the Ukrainians to favor EU was the promise that they would be able to immigrate to richer European countries.

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