2013 November 27 Wednesday
If Nobody Watches CNN Or MSNBC How To Deliver Propaganda?

Lots fewer people are tuning in to watch the news on cable news channels.

This seems like it matters. Are people getting as much propaganda as they used to? Granted, the propaganda portion of grade school and high school teaching has probably gone up as older teachers die off and younger teachers with education school indoctrination take their places. But people aren't watching as much TV. How to maintain propaganda flow into minds of those who have left school?

Since 1980 TV news viewership has dropped by more than half. Yet the population has grown from 226 million in 1980 to 313 million in 2012. The propaganda coverage from news has gone down.

Propaganda in situation comedies and other TV shows might have risen in the same period. Can that compensate for the decreased TV news viewing?

It is possible that the level of propaganda coverage in 1980 was far in excess of what was needed. So here's what I want to know: Do you see any signs that the elites are losing control of the range of acceptable views? Are they losing control of the Overton window?

I'd like metrics to measure changes in the Overton window. Which elite positions are losing traction? Which are holding firm or expanding their hold on mainstream debates, law, and norms?

My guess is that smarter people have abandoned the boob tube more than dumber people. Smarter people are out reading articles and blog posts on the internet more. How many of them are reading content that is contrary to the messages the elites want us to believe? How big an impact have heretical information sources had on thinking of the upper middle class?

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2013 November 27 05:42 PM 

radical centrist blogger said at November 27, 2013 6:39 PM:

you are pretty friggin' smart. Really, gotta give you props.

That post says a lot. A whole lot. Nothing everything, but a lot.

Anyway, to your question: I think the multiculturalist/white-race-guilt propaganda is pretty well set in the minds of the young today. It's dominant, in fact. But then again, it had a lot of traction in my youth, too. Not as well set as today. But I rejected it as I reached my late 40s. So maybe the elite fakeLeftist, multiculturalist/white-race-guilt propaganda will be rejected by many of today's white youth. But that is decades down the road. And by then whites will not have the numbers to do anything about anti-white discrimination, and more importantly they will not have the numbers to combat the divide et impera effects of diversity. They still don't even know what that means, and they may not know decades from now.

Now, there is one brand of elite propaganda that is already weakening--the anti-commie propaganda that molded the minds of whites (primarily white males) even before the multiculturalist/white-race-guilt propaganda came into play. That began many decades ago..cold war stuff.

That economics-oriented anti-commie propaganda is definitely losing its grip. One reason why is that information on what the other white nations have done in the realm of workers' rights, welfare state etc is leaking out. And it cannot be denied.

I don't really know what will be the effect of the death of the anti-commie propaganda.

We are still in trouble, and the main reason is that the white majority bloc still does not understand how politics really works. I think a lot of western europeans do, albeit subconsciously.

Krodel said at November 28, 2013 3:43 AM:

As IQ drops propaganda becomes more effective, so less of it is needed.

Kudzu Bob said at November 28, 2013 11:27 AM:

@Krodel: Germans have a high average IQ, and yet their official propaganda induced the population of a resource-poor, medium-sized country to resist bitterly the combined might of the United States, the British Empire, and the Soviet Union for several years. That is some seriously effective propaganda.

radical centrist blogger said at November 28, 2013 3:19 PM:

you ought to read Somit and Peterson's books on democracy.

Basically, if you extend their theses, you come up with the idea that homo sapiens evolved with the ability to communicate complex ideas among small tribes. That was their special survival trait, that and the ability to run long distances.

So with the big brain and complex language skills, ideas could be rapidly transmitted among the tribal members. Ideas about how to ambush the herd, how to trap the fish, how to defend against raiding tribes,etc.

So this required homo sapiens to ingest and internalize whatever ideas were transmitted from the tribal leaders. And homo sapiens is a highly social animal, basically an ape that adopted the societal model of the bees and termites and ants. We might be said to be antlike apes.

And ants do what the ant leader says to do.
We are antlike primates that are evolved to ingest and internalize ideas handed down from the top of the hierarchy.

So now we no longer live in tribes. Our leaders are isolated from us. And the elite have evolved the habit of exploiting us with propaganda, taking advantage of that evolved ability of the antlike ape to be able to ingest and internalize ideas handed down from on high.

But the natural checks and balances that existed in small tribes no longer exist.

Now our leaders are effectively a different subspecies of homo sapiens, one that parasitizes the rest of homo sapiens with propaganda.

Stephen said at November 28, 2013 5:11 PM:

I'm not convinced that the people going to the internet aren't also subject to organised propoganda. The trick is that people tend to use a search enginge to find sites, and the search engine returns results based on an algorithm's assessment of your world view. The upshot is that you get more of what you already agree with rather than critical thought.

Its called the filter bubble and I'm betting that plenty of propagandists are busy figuring out ways to feed you messages using the filter bubble.

YIH said at November 28, 2013 6:40 PM:

Not just TV news but TV in general is getting hammered. Even pay services like HBO are declining. I pretty much stopped watching TV at all about 10 years ago. Now not even the Super Bowl is not enough to get me to punch the power button on the TV (the networks stream that online anyway).
I suspect you're right about 'the dumber ones' still gravitating to TV - look at a lot of the programming, during the day it's garbage talk shows like 'Springer' and a series of 'court' type shows (those are actually game shows, the winnings are split according to how the 'judge' rules - even the 'loser' gets a token amount due to CA law)

Mike said at December 2, 2013 6:40 PM:

CNN and MSNBC stick out because they seem so over the top propagandists for the establishment, particularly MSNBC. But their low numbers hide the fact that they are all working with the same editor. Yes, MSNBC has only a tiny portion of fanatics watching (and people like me who enjoy the car crash that passes for MSNBC news analysis). However it's the same news department as NBC News, which has a much bigger audience. Of course, all TV News and Major Dailies take their editing from the New York Times; what they say is news IS news. So everyone is singing from the same hymnal.

And that includes sources that young people are more likely to get their "news" from, like the Daily Show and The Colbert Report. They're looking for laughs of course, but they stick to the playbook: Democrats may not always be cool, but Republicans are NEVER cool. Plus, Republicans are either dumb (Palin, Bachmann) or evil (Cheney, Rumsfeld) or both. The Kool kids are Democrats and the Republicans are not just dorky, but hateful dorks. Who's cool and who isn't explains youth voting patterns better than anything.

Rev. Right said at December 8, 2013 10:28 PM:

"How to maintain propaganda flow into minds of those who have left school?"

Since they are always looking at them, I'd do it through their phones.

Most people get their news from sites like Yahoo or through social media. Political memes are sandwiched between entertainment news stories and are always told from from a soft left perspective that reinforces the preconceptions Americans have been force fed from first grade through college.

On top of this, leftist narratives are interwoven into the plots of TV shows and movies, advertisements, corporate behavior training programs, and of course all government 'outreach' communications.

People are getting more propaganda than ever. Way more.

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