2013 October 12 Saturday
States Paying Feds To Reopen National Parks

Utah, Arizona, New York, South Dakota, and Colorado are ponying up to pay federal government employee salaries to keep open the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Zion, Bryce Canyon, and other big tourist draws.

There's a lesson here: we'd be better off turning many federal parks over to the states that care more about them and which get more local benefits from them. The states see a much more direct connection between money spent and money brought in by tourist dollars.

Some states have upped admissions fees to pay more of park operating costs and New Hampshire state parks are self-sufficient. Federal parks could go much further in this direction. Admissions fees should be raised to pay for the large backlog of roads and facilities maintenance. More restaurants, lodges, and other revenue sources could be opened in the parks.

One thing I've learned recently: some of the national parks are bordered by national forests with really similar terrain. If a national park is closed see if a national forest will give you the hiking trails and scenery that you seek.

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