2013 October 06 Sunday
Heartiste On Rationalizations For Stupidity

Heartiste is using rhetoric very similar to my own about how the Democrats are defeating the Republicans with a demographic tactic that will not yield them a real benefit (aside from control over the levers of power): Pyrrhic liberal victories.

Since true equalization is impossible given biological constraints, the stupidity will just ratchet up with each Pyrrhic liberal victory, and the rationalizations for the stupidity will become more labyrinthine, until civilization is paralyzed into inaction, and then eventual implosion and full regression to a pre-stupidity state.

Heartiste is reacting to a Steve Sailer post (and one commenter in particular) about a report complaining about non-white and female numbers among US officers. The US military, an organization that wages highly controlled and intense violence, is being called too male. The female angle is especially interesting because the evidence for innate male-female differences in levels of musculature is pretty widely accepted and it seems obvious that men are a lot more attracted to violence than women are. Yet the mainstream media just avoids mention of assorted elephants in the room.

In a similar vein the The New York Times just published an article entitled Why Are There Still So Few Women In Science? Most smart women prefer medicine (and within it, medical specialties that involve more human contact), veterinary medicine, law, and other fields with a more social and human relations aspect. Over three quarters of new veterinarians are now female. They are acting on their preferences. I see no reason to disrespect these preferences as long as men and women are passing the same tests and other objective evaluations. But these revealed preferences do not matter to those who want the number of women to equal or exceed the number of men in every field.

Intellectuals especially want to deny our biological limitations. This denial is irresponsible. A realistic understanding enables realistic policies. By contrast, delusion enables vicious cycles of destructive policies.

The emotional dimension of the denial is especially interesting. There's something fundamentally immature about a refusal to accept our innate abilities and preferences.

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Sorry, but I must insist. This is such a great video.

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