2013 September 19 Thursday
Elite Schools In Manhattan Try To Ditch IQ Test

Steve Sailer pokes fun at elite Manhattan private grade schools that are trying to find a way to drop an IQ test that they claim parents game with lots of (expensive) test prep training. If the upper class can game these tests with tutorials for their 5 year olds (count me skeptical) and, hey, by living in very expensive Manhattan and also by being able to afford expensive private school tuition then that has got to be bad for some liberal reason. Do the elites miss just how ridiculous they can come across to anyone who stops and thinks about these elite flaps over liberal doctrine?

In spite of all that, let me offer a constructive suggestion: change private school admission age to Horace Mann and other elite Manhattan elementary schools to start at the 3rd grade. This will reduce the error when measuring IQ. A 5 year old's IQ is less likely to match adult IQ than an 8 year old's IQ.

I think later admission makes sense for the schools. Why? Because the reputation of a school depends most on how successful its graduates. By waiting a few years the schools will be able to identify the brightest kids with lower false positive rates. So the average kid they choose will go on to greater success.

More practical advice: let other schools drop the IQ test and allow applicants to optionally sit for the test. Then continue to use the test. The schools that drop the test will admit lower quality students. This will increase your own supply of higher quality kids. Then your kids will be smarter and will do better and your school's reputation will be enhanced in the long run. Do not worry about the criticism you will get for this choice. In the long run your status will be higher.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2013 September 19 09:16 PM 

superdestroyer said at September 21, 2013 2:16 PM:

I believe that many private schools have specific entry points such as kindergarten, sixth grade, ninth grade, etc. I believe that one cannot transfer to Trinity School when one is a sophomore in high school.

Termanite said at September 24, 2013 3:26 PM:

Just FYI the problem with the kindergarten IQ test in NYC is that the test only has a few, basically fixed-prompt, fixed-answer questions, so it is VERY coachable. With enough repetition even little tukes can learn to recognize the Q's and provide canned A's.

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