2013 August 25 Sunday
Egypy Military Coup: Looks Like It Will Stick

From the Christian Science Monitor: Low turnout at Egypt's protests highlights Islamists' disarray.

From McClatchy: Muslim Brotherhood leadership fading amid government crackdown.

Still more said they were too afraid to go down to the streets and confront the security forces or ordinary Egyptians who hold the Brotherhood responsible for the country’s political crisis.

Will Syrian's civil war end in a democracy? The odds seem against it. Though Iraq's illiberal democracy is still there the larger trend is running against it: Inevitable Triumph Of Liberal Democracy Halted 15 Years Ago.

For now the authoritarian regimes remaining in the MIddle East could survive. Many secularists in countries like Saudi Arabia and Jordan have got to understand now that if they join with Islamists and overthrow their governments the Islamists will rule and the secularists come out worse in the end.

In the longer term the Islamists could still end up taking over all the Middle East. Why? The battle of the womb. Simply put, the most religious segments of Middle Eastern societies are making the most babies.

What I want to know: Will Middle Eastern countries fall back into the Malthusian Trap in the 21st century?

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2013 August 25 10:00 AM 

SOBL1 said at August 26, 2013 8:23 AM:

Nothing is over, but the military does look to be in a good position. The USG is doing a lot to support the MB, at least Egyptians see it. When the NY Times is releasing articles that spotlight the rumors in Egypt of the US working withthe Muslim Brotherhood, you know the entire MB-US left is in disarray. The Times is broadcasting that the Egyptians think there is a conspiracy and act like it is common knowledge and taken for granted. Is it conspiracy theory or fact considering all of the State Dept and Obama statements that tip things in the MB's favor?


I dont know if you read my post, Randall, but I think the military holds on because the blue team in USG is on its heels with what to do. The blue team cant get their story straight and in the meantime, the Egyptian military is cleaning out the MB with the Algerian method.

Check it out said at August 26, 2013 3:00 PM:

Saudi Arabia is secularist? Well, that's news to me.

No. Saudi Arabia is as Islamist as Irak or Iran. Their treatment to women, for example, is just as messed up. The only thing is that Saudi Arabia is America's bu$ine$$ partner.

hort said at September 6, 2013 4:04 AM:

I wonder how many tens of millions of as yet unborn Islamists will move to the West. No doubt it will be very many if John McCain gets his way.

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