2013 July 28 Sunday
I remember when the economy was different

I remember when it was accurate to refer to the lower class as the working class.

Most high school drop-outs under the age of 25 are not working.

Dropping out of high school can lead to several negative outcomes. For instance, among adults in the labor force, there is a higher percentage of unemployment among dropouts than among adults who have a high school credential (U.S. Department of Labor 2011). In 2009, about 383,000 youth and young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 dropped out of high school during the previous 12 months. Of these dropouts, about 48 percent (or 186,000) were in the civilian labor force, meaning exclusive of the military, while 52 percent (or 198,000) were not. Among the dropouts in the civilian labor force in 2009, about 55 percent were unemployed.

The labor force participation rate decline for black high school drop-outs has been especially severe. Barack Obama favors an immigration policy that will further worsen the prospects of the black lower classes. But his immigration policy will increase the number of Democrat voters. Hence the appeal.

For decades the overall labor force participation rate rose as more women entered the work force. But now it has reversed all the way back to 1979 labor force participation rate.

The New York Times reports: Obama Says Income Gap Is Fraying U.S. Social Fabric. And get Barack Obama favors an immigration bill that will make the gap between the bottom and the top much larger by swelling the size of the lower classes. His favored immigration policy will further lower the labor force participation rate. He and the elites favor an immigration policy which will further worsen the already dim prospects for advancement of the lower classes.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2013 July 28 11:27 PM 

SOBL1 said at July 29, 2013 6:21 AM:

I often say that we replaced the working class with the welfare class. My dad's family was working class poor. Now they'd be welfare class poor.

The NY Times Obama article was infuriating because of the lies and contradictions in that propaganda. It was a basic message management blurb. I blogged about it because I found it so annoying. Everything has a political angle now, there are no basic X is good for jobs regardless of who gets the jobs. The unspoken thing that the left avoids si how unemployable a lot of people are. It is tough to hire high school drop outs and people who can't pass a drug test. A client of mine expanded operations, warning us they'd hire 100+ new people. Six months passed and it was only 50, so we inquired about the hiring. They were having problems getting applicants who could pass a drug test. It as required due to FAA regulations.

Check it out said at July 29, 2013 12:53 PM:

This is just the beginning. As Randall correctly said, dropping out of high school can lead to several negative outcomes. Yes, specially if the state sucks away the entrepreneurial energy out of those boys who are denied the right to open up their own business or any other opportunities. Oh, I forgot that opening your own little business is now secretly illegal. Watch out. This is really dangerous: In a few years most of those *Nee-nees* are going to be recruited by the drug lords and organezed crime, just like in Mexico. America will soon be having hoards of kids working as hitman for a few dollars.

"Nee-nee": Term used in Latin America to refer to all the young drop-outs that "neither do they study", "neither do they work", neither do they do anything productive all day until they are kicked out of their homes to get a job.

Zoink said at July 29, 2013 7:17 PM:

It is interesting to think just how removed Obama is from the black lower class. His mother was white, his father was an elite non-Bantu NE African, his wife is from an upper-middle family that sent both kids to the Ivy League. His only election defeat was when he ran for Congress in a black Chicago district.

His signature issue, health care reform, has little benefit to the black underclass, who already qualify for Medicaid. The prototypical beneficiary of Obamacare is a 55-year-old with preexisting conditions who is self employed and making $40,000. Right now such person would never be able to afford any type of real health insurance and makes too much to get Medicaid. Under Obamacare, his preexisting conditions are ignored, reducing the price, his risk is pooled, further reducing the price, and he gets subsidies, reducing the price for a third reason.

Zoink said at July 29, 2013 7:38 PM:

"My dad's family was working class poor. Now they'd be welfare class poor."

Get your government programs straight. Welfare usually means federal AFDC or state "general relief." These programs, already small in the 90's, have been cut to the bone or eliminated. Almost nobody is on them anymore. They aren't that generous, and they are very hard to qualify for, and even harder to stay on.

The holy grail for the underclass is SSI. You can get up to $800 a month as a single adult if you can show complete disability, more if you AND your children are all disabled. If you're actually healthy, that means a mental disability.

While the mostly URM underclass aims for SSI, the downwardly mobile white working class aims for SSDI. This is a program you only qualify for if you've worked on the books and paid plenty of taxes, and maxes out around $2800 for a single adult who made $65,000+ for an extended period. More typically, a 45-year-old blue collar white who can't find work anymore will get about $1500 a month.

Being informed about this lets you make sure that your taxes are offset by extended family members on these programs. They can get on and still work off the books.

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