2013 July 06 Saturday
Canadian Soldiers Suffer Mental Illnesses From Afghanistan

Mental illnesses in soldiers are costs of globalization, immigration, and empire. Even Canada pays these costs.

An important minority 13.5% of Canadian Forces personnel who served in support of the Afghanistan mission in 200108 have been found to have a mental health disorder related to their deployment, according to a study published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).

Since 2001, more than 40 000 Canadian Forces personnel have been deployed in support of the Afghanistan mission. Although studies from other countries have shown mental health problems in personnel returning from missions in Southwest Asia, there are important differences between nations in areas such as military culture, experiences during deployment, and delivery of mental health service.

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is the biggest problem.

Of the study population, which consisted mainly of men under age 40 in the Regular Forces, 13.5% were found to have a mental disorder (over a median follow-up of 1364 days) related to their Afghanistan deployment. Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was the most common mental disorder, found in 8% of personnel deployed in support of the Afghanistan mission, followed by depression in 6.3%. About 23% of those with depressive disorders were also suffering from PTSD. An additional 5.5% had a mental disorder judged to be unrelated to their Afghanistan deployment.

The researchers used soldiers deployed elsewhere as controls. Kandahar is especially harmful.

Locations within Afghanistan were associated with variable levels of mental disorders, with more dangerous locations resulting in higher risk of mental disorders.

"Deployment to Kandahar was associated with a particularly increased risk: it was almost 6 times the risk associated with deployment to the United Arab Emirates or Arabian Gulf and 2 times the risk associated with deployment to multiple locations or Kabul," writes Mr. David Boulos with Dr. Mark Zamorski, Directorate of Mental Health, Canadian Forces Health Services Group Headquarters, Ottawa.

America faces much larger war costs from Iraq and Afghanistan because hundreds of thousands of US soldiers have suffered brain damage from improvised explosive devices. The US military involvement comes with a very large negative ROI which will cost us for decades to come.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2013 July 06 08:59 PM 

REN said at July 7, 2013 5:08 PM:

This is why when you go to war, you go in and completely destroy the enemy. It is something like a dog who has rolled over and is urinating because he has lost complete control. At that point, the defeated population is pliable and can be put into fenced zones controlled by their own population. For example, England's Empire would use local Indians as part of the control mechanism of India. In Singapore, Indians were used for bureaucracy, and Chinese peons were used in industry, while local Singaporeans were given transfers of wealth. The locals need to feel they have some control in the rebuilding, but in turn they are controlled. Jewish Kapos subjugated their own people in concentration camps. This mode of subjugation becomes easy to spread when the subjected have economic gain to be made.

Once the defeated population has completely submitted, they then become pliable, and their fears can be put to rest. In a version of Stockholm syndrome, the defeated population then identifies with their victors. The U.S. did this in Japan and Germany, and both became reliable allies. Our American forefathers were tough thinking no nonsense people, only us "moderns" proscribe to inane theories totally out of alignment with history and the nature of man.

Japanese in particular had been fed disinformation during WW2 and were convinced that America was going to eliminate Japanese from the Earth. Imagine Japanese Stockholm Syndrome relief when it became apparent there was going to be no genocide. The human mind can only handle so many months of intense stress before it breaks down. Why put that stress on American warfighters, thus causing PTSD? Instead, overwhelming fear and violence should be directed at the population being subjugated.

The current make nice modes of warfare, such as in Afghanistan and Iraq are actually damaging to America. These types of wars go on forever, and are hugely expensive. We would actually save lives with total war, as it would be over fairly quickly as the traumatized population submits. Iraq and Afghanistan could have followed a complete defeat model, then partition using their own people, then change of their culture over time with propaganda and becoming "part" of the Western system. Their own resources could have been used in the rebuild, allowing locals to have some economic income. Our current make nice mode of war implies that those who became our agents, must be given some sort of goodie, such as living in America. Hence, make nice warfare implies immigrating third world peoples.

Personally, I wouldn't spread our culture as it has become co-opted by private money powers, and we would be spreading debt peonage slavery. But, if we had a superior culture to spread, which actually gives real freedom, then total war would be a cost effective and efficient way to do it. Our make nice warfare is funded by deficit spending, and deficit spending is a necessary ingredient of the money system. The usury has to be paid somehow, and ongoing nice war is a most effective tool to get the government to continually borrow from banks and then deficit spend.

An honest war taxes and spends, and then goes all out.

Whole religions can be wiped out, and countries trajectory can be realigned using total war. Islam spread at the end of a sword, and anybody who didn't submit to the matrix either was raped, killed, or became part of the jizya tax paying subclass. Islam spread and changed entire cultures in mere 100's of years. Post WW2 many of Japans traditions were made to die, especially Bushido Sun God cults. Korea spent decades under military rule until they were ready to become a democratic republic.

Wolf-Dog said at July 7, 2013 9:09 PM:

Randall Parker wrote: "The US military involvement comes with a very large negative ROI which will cost us for decades to come."


The big picture is even worse because this disaster is just the tip of the iceberg: Al Qaeda and similar groups will get a positive ROI from the western military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, the reason being that the long guerrilla war in Afghanistan served as a perfect training ground and ideological indoctrination place for future generations of religious fundamentalist warriors that will make the destruction of the World Trade Center look like a kindergarten fight. Basically, the 9/11/2001 attack in New York was just a trap to force the US to invade Afghanistan, and America took the bait.

Here is an Indian docudrama that illustrates the Mumbai massacre organized by highly trained, high-tech guerrillas who were sent from Pakistan into India. Only 10 religious guerrillas executed 166 people and injured more than 600 in Mumbai. Besides their high-tech hardware to coordinate their actions, their training included steroids that increased their endurance, concentration, and muscle strength.



And here is a CNN documentary that shows how the Pakistani guerrillas used satellite phones get orders real time during the attack:



Within 20 years the religious fundamentalist guerrillas will obtain weapons of mass destruction, and this time Europe and the US will suffer many more casualties.

Black Death said at July 8, 2013 7:12 AM:

Peachy and Danny on multiculturalism in Afghanistan:

Billy Fish: Ootah say take your pick. He have twenty three daughters.
Danny: Those are his daughters? Why the dirty old beggar!
Peachy Carnehan: Now, now Danny. Different countries, different ways. He's only being hospitable according to his lights. Billy, tell him one's as pretty as the next and we cannot choose.
[Billy translates; Ootah replies in Kafiri]
Billy Fish: Ootah say he also have twenty sons if you be liking boys.
Peachy Carnehan: [angrily] Tell him he makes my gorge rise; tell him!
Danny: Now Peachy, different countries, different ways. Tell Ootah we have vowed not to take a woman until all his enemies are vanquished.

Check it out said at July 8, 2013 2:59 PM:

>"Mental illnesses in soldiers are costs of globalization, immigration, and empire."

I see nothing in your post that support your own topic sentence. The mental illnesses in soldiers are due to war of invation, not globalization or immigration or "empire".

You pretend to make us believe that people get mentally ill because there's immigration?

Don't twist things Randall. The link talks mainly about how Canadian forces being deployed in Afghanistan are going nuts -just like many American-, It doesn't talk about or blame immigration as a cause for mental illness.

The reasons why soldiers become mentally ill can be stated in less words:

1. Canadian and American soldiers suddenly realize in surprise that the people they wanted to liberate never wanted their "liberation" in the first place, so soldiers realize that suddenly the bad guys are they themselves for invading and yelling "democratize or I'll shoot"

2. Canadian and American soldiers have seen the atrocities perpetrated by their own. They constantly find themselves ordered to do things that go against the principles they believe in and are supposed to defend. All their belief system crumbles down when they see other cultures.

Immigration my foot!

destructure said at July 8, 2013 6:46 PM:

Check it out may have a point. The topic sentence should read...

"Mental illnesses causes globalization, immigration, and empire." :)

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