2013 June 30 Sunday
Obama Insider Threat Program Aimed At Leakers

Government workers encouraged to report on each other. Reminds me of stories of people reporting on each other in East Germany under the communists.

The program could make it easier for the government to stifle the flow of unclassified and potentially vital information to the public, while creating toxic work environments poisoned by unfounded suspicions and spurious investigations of loyal Americans, according to these current and former officials and experts. Some non-intelligence agencies already are urging employees to watch their co-workers for “indicators” that include stress, divorce and financial problems.

Agencies are using this program to suppress leaking of unclassified information.

The article has an interesting side chart about how leaking due to allegiances to a separate country or cause have more than doubled since 1990. But this is the logical result of policies the Cathedral supports: anti-nationalism, pro-globalism, multi-culturalism, immigration. People feel less loyal to a system that is less loyal to them. People who came from somewhere else, and even their children, identify with their country of origin. When identity as Americans takes 3rd place over other identities the national security bureaucracy, no doubt committed to diverse hiring practices, has to start treating its workforce as enemies.

Obama's Insider Threat Program, much like the extensive NSA spying, seem like symptoms of a country that is shifting from a high trust to a low trust culture with fewer shared loyalties and less shared identity.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2013 June 30 09:50 PM 

Jefferson said at July 1, 2013 6:41 AM:

When I was in military Intel, I worked with a handful (at least 3) of people who did not owe their primary allegiance to the US. It's alarming how many people in the intel community leave the US when they get done with their tour. I know some folks in the Dark Enlightenment/Neoreactionary community like to imagine that the military will overthrow the Cathedral and we'll have some sort of restoration, but the military is too far gone. There's so much political correctness/leftism in the military, it's tragic.

Randall Parker said at July 1, 2013 8:31 PM:


I do not hold out any hope for a restoration of America. I do not see the US military as a defender of American values.

I expect the military might be able to maintain its recruiting only because the lower classes have diminishing career prospects.

Leaving the US: it is a thought I entertain. But the list of places not to go is far longer than the list of places to go. Great places attract the lower classes.

WJ said at July 1, 2013 11:23 PM:

How shocking: a country without a dominant ethnicity/ideology/culture/religion can't hold together. Who knew?

Prior to WW2 this was taken as a given; post-Hitler, it was taken to prove that the men who had defeated the Nazis were Nazis themselves.

The fact is that men won't die for WalMart. They won't die to defend a country that isn't theirs, where the only purpose served by their deaths is to enrich the wealthy. Smarter cultures - Jews, Arabs, various Asian ethnicities - already understand this. White culture is still caught in the deathtrap of the Culture of Stupid; of believing in the reinterpretation of their culture handed down by those who don't believe in it themselves - Emma Lazarus types, etc.

The problem with non-Jewish whites is that historically - ethnically, linguistically, religiously - we have always been in the majority. We have always physically been separate, so we have developed no practices to keep us culturally separate, in the way that Asian immigrants have a separate language and habits that work to isolate their children from prole whites. Those practices that did exist (pre-WW2) have been beaten down by TPTB - Mormons who used to bar blacks from the priesthood, etc.

If whites alter our culture, abandon prole habits, and adopt more authoritative parenting practices - the kind discouraged by Hollywood for lo these past 4 decades - there is still time to regain control of the country we're losing.

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