2013 June 29 Saturday
Arab Spring Unleashes Illiberal Repressive Masses

A big Blue Pill vendor is confused. Read this New York Times editorial on the failure of Arab Spring to unleash (supposedly suppressed) forces of tolerance and freedom.

Even in a region where violence has become all too commonplace, the killing of four Shiite men in Egypt last weekend seemed particularly vicious. According to news reports, a cheering Sunni Muslim mob armed with clubs, swords and machetes raided a house in a Cairo suburb where about 30 people were marking a religious festival and beat, stabbed and lynched the four men. Video footage showed the victims’ bodies, bloodied and motionless, being dragged through the streets. Among those killed was a prominent Shiite cleric, Hassan Shehata.

Given that 84% of Egyptian Muslims favor death for those who leave Islam it is hard to see an elected Sunni Muslim Brotherhood theocracy and its subjects should be expected to be tolerant toward religious minorities. Middle Eastern populations are notable for their illiberalism. So how to explain the Western left's embrace of multi-culturalism?

Arab Spring unleashed the majority masses to repress religious minorities.

At the onset of the Arab Spring in late 2010 and early 2011, many world leaders, including U.S. President Barack Obama, expressed hope that the political uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa would lead to greater freedoms for the people of the region, including fewer restrictions on religious beliefs and practices. But a new study by the Pew Research Center finds that the region’s already high overall level of restrictions on religion – whether resulting from government policies or from social hostilities – continued to increase in 2011.

Before the Arab Spring, government restrictions on religion and social hostilities involving religion were higher in the Middle East and North Africa than in any other region of the world.1 Government restrictions in the region remained high in 2011, while social hostilities markedly increased. For instance, the number of countries in the region experiencing sectarian or communal violence between religious groups doubled from five to 10.

Fundamental tenets of the left's secular faith are based on falsehoods about humanity.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2013 June 29 01:27 PM 

SOBL said at June 29, 2013 6:13 PM:

"how to explain the Western left's embrace of multi-culturalism?"

Hmmm, to win elections. The old left that first took over the dead post-Civil War Dems and won a squeaker as progressives in '12. They got booted out in 1920 and if not for the great depression and more importantly the Dust Bowl, they don't win. Despite knowing that they had locked up the Midwest because of their agriculture policies, Eleanor Roosevelt still whispered into blacks ears the dream of full emancipation, which is when the blacks voting reliably as Dems started #LBJ finished it off#. Ever since then, the left has embraced more multiculturalism to collect votes and then increasingly let more vibrancy in to expand the breadth of diversity. When it looks bad for them, they reach for new groups like Hispanic amnesty + border delinquency in the '80s/'90s. Mondale was the first to mention gays positively #1981#. His quote was #paraphrased# the key was to be against discrimination without endorsing the lifestyle, which he followed up by saying #paraphrased# there has to be 3 or 4 million of them right? It's all for votes because their policies are bankrupt and don't work on the native stock. Democracy.

The Dude said at June 30, 2013 7:41 AM:

Amy Chua's book "World on Fire" is instructive.

James Bowery said at June 30, 2013 6:31 PM:

Until the political taxonomy includes Sortocracy (sorting proponents of social theories into governments that test them) as a cornerstone of discourse and ontology, confusion will reign.

In sortocratic polity, the terms "majority" and "minority" are exposed as the absurdities they are now manfesting as "whites" are a clear world-wide minority yet are still referred to as a "majority".

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