2013 June 08 Saturday
John Dingell: A Case Against Democracy?

In one district in MIchigan the Congressional seat has been in the family for about 80 years.

Dingell, who turns 87 years old next month, has since then been elected 29 consecutive times, and only twice with less than 60 percent of the vote. If that wasn’t enough, his 1955 victory came in a special election to replace his father, John Sr., who died in office after serving 22 years in the House.

Massachusetts similarly fixated on the Kennedys for decades.

Anyone see a way to make monarchy work? See a mechanism for how to choose a leader that would be better than democracy? We've got a powerful wealthy elite buying influence and making a big impact on who is available to vote for. Meanwhile we also have a growing lower class voting for spending on themselves. This is working poorly. The American political system shows increasing signs of failing. We need something better.

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