2013 May 22 Wednesday
Wall Street Journal Whines About Obama Thuggery

The US electorate is shifting leftward due to immigration. The right wing Wall Street Journal favors the very immigration policies that are causing the right to become increasingly less competitive in elections. As a result Barack Obama holds the Presidency. Yet the WSJ saves its bile for thug tactics of the Obama campaign and Administration to de-fund right wing political action groups.

On Aug. 21, 2008, the conservative American Issues Project ran an ad highlighting ties between candidate Obama and Bill Ayers, formerly of the Weather Underground. The Obama campaign and supporters were furious, and they pressured TV stations to pull the ada common-enough tactic in such ad spats.

What came next was not common. Bob Bauer, general counsel for the campaign (and later general counsel for the White House), on the same day wrote to the criminal division of the Justice Department, demanding an investigation into AIP, "its officers and directors," and its "anonymous donors." Mr. Bauer claimed that the nonprofit, as a 501(c)(4), was committing a "knowing and willful violation" of election law, and wanted "action to enforce against criminal violations."

Hey Wall Street Journal. This is the result of the immigration policies you support. Live with the results. Your political views will become irrelevant as a result of the policies you support.

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