2013 May 06 Monday
China Helps America Take Cyber Security Seriously

Yet another case where the conventional wisdom is wrong: The Chinese attempts to steal technology and infiltrate computer networks are doing the United States of America a big favor.

But the Pentagon report describes something far more sophisticated: A China that has now leapt into the first ranks of cybertechnologies, investing in electronic warfare capabilities, searching for ways to blind American satellites and other space assets, and using a combination of electronic and traditional weapons systems to gradually push the United States and others behind the second island chain in the Pacific.

The US government is now trying to send diplomatic signals to get the Chinese to stop. Fools. Contrary take: The US government and corporations will not respond to the threats posed technology theft and cyber attacks without a large on-going attempt to mess with US government and corporate computer networks and servers. Think how complacent the US DOD, NSA, CIA, FBI, and other government agencies would be without so many break-in attempts by the Chinese military. The time to find out we have major holes is not the international crisis moment when we really need to have bulletproof computer security. We need the US government bitch-slapped around repeatedly by Chinese P.L.A. Unit 21398 in order to shift attention and efforts toward real 21st century threats.

Look at the Chechen Muslim bombers for a parallel. The US government is far more intent on muddling around in Syria or Iran than it is in trying to keep Jihadists out of America. Actual attacks are the only sorts of actions that are strong enough to build up enough support to enact politically incorrect (i.e. realistic and beneficial) policies. Even then a proper response is in doubt.

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