2013 May 05 Sunday
US Hispanic Welfare Numbers

Mark Krikorian:

Combine this with declining employment rates for the less educated, even for high school graduates, the widening wealth gap between the races and with the high Hispanic high school drop-out rates. The future of America is dimming.

Some 41% of Hispanics ages 20 and older in the United States do not have a regular high school diploma, versus 23% of comparably aged blacks and 14% of whites.

No Child Left Behind has failed to do the impossible.

Only 7 of 10 ninth graders today will get high school diplomas. A decade after the No Child Left Behind law mandated efforts to reduce the racial gap, about 80 percent of white and Asian students graduate from high school, compared with only 55 percent of blacks and Hispanics.

We've entered the era of zero marginal product workers. The signal is seen most clearly in the form of declining total employment for high school drop-outs and even high school graduates. But Mark Zuckerberg has no reason to be alarmed because the wealthiest are winning.

I tell you: America is rapidly changing demographically, technologically, politically. You've got to up your game or become a loser. Are you still complacent? Or like a deer in headlights? Lazy? You can't afford it.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2013 May 05 10:40 AM 

Reader said at May 5, 2013 11:06 AM:

More data on race and welfare:



ivvenalis said at May 5, 2013 2:23 PM:

I love her argument. Bastardry? Everybody's doing it, and this is a DEMOCRACY, so they must be right.

At least in another hundred years it won't matter if your history starts in 1962. We'll have relearned important lessons the hard way.

Mercer said at May 5, 2013 9:53 PM:

"You've got to up your game or become a loser"

I think this contradicts the rest of your post. If the rest of the working age population skills are declining why tell people they have to "up your game". I doubt many who read this blog are competing with Latino drop-outs for jobs. I am certainly not. I fear having to pay higher taxes for Latinos in prison and getting government benefits but anyone "upping their game" by getting a higher paying job would increase the taxes they pay.

Check it out said at May 6, 2013 2:48 PM:

Might as well get used to it.

That's the price nations usually pay when their government shows a criminal negligence to put the real culprits in jail. Twisted values. Childish mentalities.

Western society decays and there's nothing anybody can do about it. It's just the natural historical process. Empires don't go out in a loud cry or roar. They go out in a whimper.

Don't get me wrong, this is not mocking. It's sad. I've never stopped loving the U.S.A.

Randall Parker said at May 6, 2013 10:04 PM:


You've got to up your game because a dumber population cause even smarter people to make less money. Look at a graph of national income versus average national IQ. Dumb people effectively pull smart people away from the most productive activities. Dumb people make infrastructure worse because government spends less on infrastructure and more on dummies. Dumb people require more police and prison guards. Dumb people elect dumber and more corrupt candidates to public office.

If you get a higher paying job you certainly will pay more in taxes. But you will take home more money too. Better to make the money now before tax rates go even higher.

It is maladaptive to fail to aggressively work to improve your own conditions in response to what is going wrong with the nation.

What I'd most like to do: start a business abroad. Build up lots of money inside that foreign business in a jurisdiction which has very low corporate taxes. Then I can pull out the money in my old age at a lower tax rate.

destructure said at May 7, 2013 2:46 AM:

Big business wants unemployment because it drives down wages. But it doesn't just hurt high school dropouts. It huts middle class professionals, too, even if they don't realize it. According to Dr Borgas, a labor economist at Harvard, immigration is a massive wealth transfer from workers to corporations to the tune of $400 billion per year.


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