2013 April 27 Saturday
Gang Of 8 Immigration Bill Assumes Big Labor Shortage

In a nation where folks with less than a college education are doing much worse and where median income peaked in 1999 it is no surprise that our enemy elites are pretending that labor costs are too high.

Number One: Every part of the bill was written as though America is facing a severe labor shortage crisis. The Senate Judiciary Hearing on Monday featured one industry spokesperson after another who testified that Americans from high-school drop outs to the laid off engineer were either too lazy or too uneducated to fill U.S. labor needs at the wages being offered. The only guarantees in the bill concern large increases in the pool of available foreign workers, including millions of illegal workers who receive amnesty.

The US labor market participation rate has declined back to the level it was in 1979. Millions of people have given up trying to find a job. The Gang of Eight have begun getting some resistance from blacks on this score.

The key for the Gang of Eight may be to make these millions of unemployed Americans disappear from the national consciousness long enough to pass their bill. They do face some hurdles. The African American Leadership Council hosted a press conference Wednesday morning to announce their opposition to the Senate bill on the grounds of economic justice for American workers. Peter Kirsanow, U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner and labor lawyer, also testified (on his own behalf) as to the giant pool of available American labor in the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearing last Friday.

Given what immigration has done to make the plight of black men far worse their resistance is understandable.

Adding insult and injury to injury illegals who work under the table will not be expected to pay back taxes if they get amnesty.

In other words, illegal aliens that have filed a tax return and owe taxes to the federal government will have to pay those taxes before they can receive amnesty. But for illegal aliens that have worked and never filed a tax return, including those that have worked illegally and were paid under the table, will not have to pay any taxes before receiving amnesty.

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