2013 April 21 Sunday
What Immigration Has Done To Black Men

Barack Obama is for immigration amnesty that will flood the US labor market with immigrants who will displace black men from jobs and send more of them on a course toward crime and jail. In a nation where 2010 research paper by labor economists George Borjas, Jeffrey Grogger, and Gordon Hanson laid out the gruesome picture of how immigration has contributed to the decline in black male labor market participation.

The employment rate of black men, and particularly of low-skilled black men, fell precipitously between 1960 and 2000. At the same time, their incarceration rate rose. This paper examines the relation between immigration and these trends in employment and incarceration. Using data from the 19602000 US censuses, we find that a 10% immigration-induced increase in the supply of workers in a particular skill group reduced the black wage of that group by 2.5%, lowered the employment rate by 5.9 percentage points, and increased the incarceration rate by 1.3 percentage points.

Yet the Congressional Black Caucus isn't united in denouncing the Gang Of 8's immigration amnesty plan. Go figure.

Less than 4 tenths of black male high school drop-outs work. What do they live on? So for every 4 black high school drop-outs that work another one is in jail and what are the other 5 doing? And why do our liberals pretend to care about blacks while favoring policies that displace blacks from the job market?

The employment rate of African-American men‐defined as the fraction of weeks worked during a calendar year by the typical black male‐fell from 73.2% in 1960 to 64.3% in 2000.1 This drop stands in sharp contrast to the slight decline observed among white men during that period, from 85.4% to 83.7%. The racial employment gap widened even more for low-skilled persons: the employment rate of black high school dropouts fell by over 30 percentage points, from 71.3% to 39.1%, as compared to a 20- percentage-point drop for white high school dropouts, from 80.8% to 60.5%.

The future is bleak for people who can't manage to graduate from high school.

What are these guys going to do in their old age? They won't even have a work history by which they can qualify for Social Security. What happens to them? Anyone know?

As my grandmother used to say, "Idle hands are the devil's workshop".

The decline in labour market participation among black men was accompanied by a rapid increase in the number of black men in correctional institutions. As recently as 1980, 3.8% of black men (and 5.6% of black high school dropouts) were incarcerated. By 2000, 9.8% of black men (and 21.2% of black high school dropouts) were incarcerated.

The US labor force participation rate has declined all the way back to the level it was in 1979. Still headed downward. In such conditions we should not allow unskilled immigration at all. Even low to moderate skilled immigration should be ended.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2013 April 21 08:56 PM 

SOBL1 said at April 22, 2013 5:32 AM:

Check out www.blackboysreport.org. For the last dozen years, the graduation rate has bounced between 42-52%, which means fi yuo meet a black guy under 30, 50% chance he dropped out. They even fluffed their website recently to mention school suspensions and are trumpeting bumping the graduation rate up 10% in X years but really it is statistical noise until a sustained improvement is shown.

The liberals need the dysfunction. More programs are needed (secure grad student jobs), more redistribution is needed (secure more votes), and a stricter legal code is needed (secure the police state).

Hubbard said at April 22, 2013 6:56 AM:

The Last Psychiatrist covered this in a pair of posts. Some will go on SSDI but most, alas, will be on SSI.

Black Death said at April 22, 2013 8:52 AM:

The unemployment rate for black Americans in December, 2008 (the last full month of Bush II's presidency) was 11.7%. This rate has been above that number for every single month of Obama's presidency (all this comes from the excellent Bureau of Labor Statistics web site.). The March, 2013 unemployment rate for blacks was 13.3%, almost exactly double that for whites. The current unemployment rate for all Americans lacking a high school diploma is 11.1% and declines steadily with educational achievement to 3.8% for those with a bachelor's degree or higher. Take a look at some of these graphs.

The future is indeed bleak for those on the lower end of the educational scale. Low wage jobs will be exported or automated out of existence. Unfettered immigration by low skills Hispanics and a minimum wage increase will further hammer these unfortunate Americans. They face a lifetime of dependency, which is exactly what Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus and their MSM enablers want. Many government programs are expanding to serve this demographic - food stamps (now known as SNAP), Medicaid, welfare, etc. This is exactly according to the lib-Dems' plans - a large underclass of unemployable, non-taxpaying citizens, almost all of them voting reliably Democratic to maintain and expand their government benefits - all to the detriment of the rest of the citizenry and the country as a whole. We've got a bright future ahead.

shiva1008 said at April 22, 2013 2:10 PM:

> As my grandmother used to say, "Idle hands are the devil's workshop".

This is why I am not entirely sure if automation is a good thing. As Charles Murray has pointed out, being engaged in vocation and contributing to society is one of the few ways to derive meaning out of life - along with family, faith and one other one. It's getting to the point where there are not enough jobs for people with average or below average IQ. In this way, the automation/high-cognitive load employment landscape is making it hard for everyone to have a meaningful and fulfilling life. Subsisting on welfare is not a very happy state - seems to me something like being a ghost or being in limbo, even if they do make more than me.

Mthson said at April 22, 2013 3:41 PM:

Shiva1008 said: "Automation/high-cognitive load employment landscape is making it hard for everyone to have a meaningful and fulfilling life."

That's a good point. But on the other hand, it could be said we're increasingly entering the "entertainment age" every year.

The lower classes who used to live monotonous agricultural or factory lives are now massively consuming addictive technology experiences that couldn't be afforded by the richest kings in past eras. That includes social media, text-messaging, video games, and pornography.

People get to broadcast themselves to their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit audiences, and hold an envied position of influence in their gaming guild, even though in the real world they'd be at the bottom of the totem pole.

There are a lot of costs, but net I think it's probably a strong humanitarian gain.

UT said at April 22, 2013 5:08 PM:

Blacks don't give a shit.

"What do they live on?"


Brenton said at April 22, 2013 5:56 PM:

All elderly Americans qualify for SSI if they are poor and don't have the work history to qualify for high enough Social Security payments.

Sgt. Joe Friday said at April 22, 2013 9:08 PM:

The so-called "conservative" talk show host Michael Medved has been talking non-stop about immigration for a week-and-a-half. And not to denounce the proposed legislation.

The fix is in. What a wierd feeling this is...when I was growing up, we all thought the existential threat to our existence came from the USSR. None of us had any notion that it would come from our own government importing mestizo peasants as cheap labor and clients for the welfare state that would do us in. Yet it's happening.

Zeus Xenius said at April 23, 2013 9:08 AM:

Years of institutional and generational racism are implicit in these findings. How many of us still wince at the sight of young Black Men? Do you think you would hire him?

Unfortunately all things considered Blacks in America are not eligible for financial accretion especially in housing (Red Lining is so entrenched it is never mentioned) and upward job mobility. Once many Black men were able to join unions which helped educate the children of many other Americans. The world class decided that Unions are unnecessary in a Global economy whose mantra is "Cheaper is always better". Add a segregated environment sanctioned by a clandestine world class committed to drug dumping in said neighborhoods create the only albeit illegal jobs available for many. Crime and incarceration are the next logical step for privatized prisons and a court system whose profitability relies on such so called antisocial behavior. I remember vividly during the sixties a white citizen's coalition member stating on National TV that the law was for n******.

The concept of working hard is obsolete. We are no longer a framing nation. Farms are owned by all the German and European settlers given land in Middle America who now cooperate with ConAgra and Monsanto. Mexicans come here every day work hard get sick and also become a burden to their families and the government.

In closing a quote from Albert Einstein: It seems to be a universal fact that minorities, especially when their Individuals are recognizable because of physical differences, are treated by majorities among whom they live as an inferior class. The tragic part of such a fate, however, lies not only in the automatically realized disadvantage suffered by these minorities in economic and social relations, but also in the fact that those who meet such treatment themselves for the most part acquiesce in the prejudiced estimate because of the suggestive influence of the majority, and come to regard people like themselves as inferior. This second and more important aspect of the evil can be met through closer union and conscious educational enlightenment among the minority, and so emancipation of the soul of the minority can be attained.

Ironically all American Culture is from the Black Community and only after a white washing is it understood to be de facto American culture.

Jonathan Portes said at April 23, 2013 9:37 AM:

You are right.
But black political leadership won't do a damn thing to ally itself with the anit-immigration cause.
Even the most hard-core WN would swallow his indignation and happily make an alliance with blacks over this issue, but blacks are simply not interested.

Mthson said at April 23, 2013 1:04 PM:

Zeus Xenius said: "It seems to be a universal fact that minorities, especially when their Individuals are recognizable because of physical differences, are treated by majorities among whom they live as an inferior class..."

If you're writing sentences that are 63 words long, that's a good sign that you're not thinking about what you're saying.

1. If being a minority were a substantive disadvantage, then Asian-Americans and Jews wouldn't average so much higher than the White average.

2. If being a minority AND having dark skin were a substantive disadvantage, then Indian-Americans and Middle-Eastern-Americans wouldn't average above the White average.

3. If being a minority AND having dark skin AND looking African were a substantive disadvantage, then 2nd generation Black Americans wouldn't average above the White average. (45% Bachelors' degree attainment among Black Americans whose parents were born in Africa or the Caribbean.)

Zeus Xenius said: "How many of us still wince at the sight of young Black Men? Do you think you would hire him?"

You're treating culture and race as if they're the same thing. I've participated in hiring decisions in which the candidate was black, and it played zero role in our decision because he was a great member of global tech nerd culture, same as we were.

UT said at April 23, 2013 2:30 PM:

Zeus Xenius said at April 23, 2013 9:08 AM:

Hysterical comment.

Randall Parker said at April 23, 2013 10:05 PM:


Thanks for those links from The Last Psychiatrist. I'm starting to realize the extent to which the welfare state wasn't really cut back by Clinton signing the welfare reform law. It was just moved into programs that pretend not to be welfare.

Engineer-Poet said at May 2, 2013 7:28 AM:
all American Culture is from the Black Community
You need to work on your style if you want to be a successful comic.

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