2013 April 07 Sunday
Unsurprising Attacks Against Coptic Christians In Egypt

A Reuters article by Tom Perry is entitlted Egyptian laws, arrests worry liberals and the West. The first sentence: "The Arab Spring was supposed to bring freedom to Egypt." Supposed by who? Seriously, Western liberal values are not universal values of all of humanity. Egyptian popular views about apostasy from Islam (in short: kill the apostates) demonstrate this. The Egyptian Muslim attacks on Coptic Christians are unsurprising (to a realist) once the fall of a dictatorship removes the state as a force suppressing the hardest core Muslims. Egyptian government obstacles to Christian Church construction even existed under Hosni Mubarak since "moderate" and hard core Muslims differ in their discrimination against Christians only by a matter of degree.

The Egyptian police are not defending Christians.

Thousands of mourners were attacked as they tried to leave Egypt's largest cathedral, forcing them back inside the cathedral precinct and sparking a siege that lasted all afternoon and stretched into the night. Police fired teargas over the cathedral walls and stood by as unknown men armed with birdshot, knives and petrol bombs scaled nearby buildings to attack those inside the church grounds.

Even supposedly moderate Turkey the democratically elected government now jails lots of journalists. The numbers jailed will drop once the remaining journalists learn to censor themselves.

Has any lesson been learned here? Not by America's elites, certainly. The US government would still like to overthrow Assad regime in Syria even though a victory for rebel forces will probably usher in a Sunni fundamentalist government.

Democracy is not a panacea. Most people of the world do not secretly want to be Western secular left-liberals.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2013 April 07 09:49 PM 

Engineer-Poet said at April 8, 2013 3:32 AM:

The Assads rule Syria, not Egypt.

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