2013 April 03 Wednesday
Life Of Leisure Grows In Euro Zone

A record 12% unemployment rate demonstrates the success of the Euro project. More time to pursue personal interests. Less job-related stress. Fewer commitments and responsibilities. Plus, Cyprus vacations are going to get really cheap with lots of bank employees in Cyprus available to work as waitresses, hotel maids, taxi drivers, food prep cooks, and tour guides.

Volkswagen demonstrated its support for more leisure time in Germany by announcing that VW will do most of its employment expansion in Asia. Great news. Let the Germans rest and relax. They've worked long enough. American car buyers did the same thing for the city of Detroit by shifting much of their demand toward cars not made in the United States. This freed up Detroit residents to find very creative ways to spend their time such as turning abandoned areas of Detroit into farms. Not a life of leisure. But certainly makes Detroit's economy more diverse.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2013 April 03 10:56 PM 

Black Death said at April 4, 2013 5:25 AM:

Volkswagen closed its only US plant, in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, in 1988. Labor unrest was a big problem there. When VW decided to restart its US operation, it chose right-to-work Tennessee. Not a big surprise, I guess - Chattanooga is a lot nicer than Detroit.

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