2013 March 19 Tuesday
Jeong Ethnic Kinship Strong In South Korea

Robert Koehler, a resident of South Korea who is married to a South Korean woman, muses on the intensity of feelings of loyalty between Koreans.

What I'd like to know: what's the genetic distance between the average pair of South Koreans and how does that compare to, say, the genetic distance between the average pair of Finns or Swedes or Irish or Tunisians (picking smaller nation nationalities off the top of my head)? Do countries which are genetically closely related which do not have a high rate of cousin marriage share some attributes that distinguish them? Are these attributes mostly absent from countries with cousin marriage due to even shorter genetic distances within the extended family of brothers, sisters, and cousins?

What I'm thinking is the gradient of genetic distances between family and nation matter as much as genetic distances within families and within nations in determining the political character of a country.

What I'm wondering: Do some populations practice outbreeding (not marrying cousins) and yet have they managed to be sufficiently isolated that they have long runs of homozygosity (link to hbd chick and also see Dienekes on the same subject) in a larger scale population? So high ethnic solidarity without the downside of excessive loyalty to family at the expense of loyalty to the nation? To put it another way: genetic load be like? I'm thinking South Korea. Maybe Finland too.

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