2013 March 09 Saturday
A Before And After Meth User Slide Show

See these before and after shots of methamphetamine users and note the small number of years before the devastation of their faces and after the devastation of their faces.

Known meth users should be isolated from society in locations where they can be tested daily for drug use. We need islands where people who can't control their damaging urges get to live. Meth user island. Pedophile island.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2013 March 09 09:04 PM 

SOBL1 said at March 11, 2013 5:17 AM:

These photos would be a good anti-drug slideshow for junior high students. Might just push them to Oxys more. Far more effective than my schools system pulling in burnouts to tell us to stay off drugs witht he prison tattoos to show for it.

I've seen a number of articles and some documentaries arguing that statistics show meth peaked in the '90s but it took a few years for it to get the big recognition in the media. Part of that was the geographic way the meth trade spread, starting out west (east coast media bias) and working its way east.

I'm all for islands for dysfunction. We need to bring back the 'exile' system for criminals.

faruq arshad said at March 11, 2013 8:01 AM:

rather than your idotic idea of druggy islads,a more sensible approach would be to study the chemical forumal of meth and find ways of developing new forms which don't have as many negative side effects. humans have been getting high for millenia,as have most animal species. it's not a drive that can be elminated.

Check it out said at March 11, 2013 5:40 PM:

A terrible incident, which could be used as a script for a horror film, has recently occurred in the U.S. city of Joliet, Illinois. Four white teens - two girls and two boys - killed two young black men to give the "sophisticated" girls an opportunity to experience the joy of sex with dead bodies. One of the performers of the touching female dream was the son of a local police officer.

American reality today looks worse than darkest Hollywood movies. Eighteen-year-old Alisa Massaro, whose passion is defined as "necrophiliac fetish," allegedly mentioned that she wanted to try sex with corpses. This was promptly recalled by one of the would-be assassins, Joshua Miner. He suggested they should try and bring the woman's fantasy to real life. The woman initially refused, but changed her mind in a few days.

Miner's accomplice was Adam Landerman, 19, the son of a police officer. The two teen boys decided to kill two black men. To implement the idea, they wanted to lure victims into a trap with the help of a woman, Bethany McKee. She was supposed to promise sex with white girls to the victims. She did not lie: the black men, who followed her to their death, received what they wanted, although they were dead at that time.
As soon as two black friends - Eric Glover and Terrence Rankins - entered the house in an anticipation of fun, Miner and Landerman attacked them. The victims were tied up and strangled. After that, Alisa Massaro and Bethany McKee engaged in sexual activities with the corpses.
The parents of the victims were not particularly worried about their children for two days.

America is America: the police are looking for racist motives in the murder of two black men. The photos of the murderers that were published in the media do not leave any doubt about the fact that they are the people with obvious signs of severe psychopathy. Another very similar "good-looking" guy Adam Lanza shot kids at school a few months ago...

Something wrong has been happening in the U.S. during the recent years. Children in schools are massively fed with a drug that has been used in psychiatric hospitals and is classified as amphetamine. At least 6 million U.S. students take Ritalin and a similar drug, Dexedrine. The drugs are used against the so-called hyper-activity.
It is very comfortable for teachers when children do not run about screaming and shouting. They prefer them sitting down, staring ahead into nowhere and doing what teachers tell them to do. Many experts have repeatedly pointed out the fact that these drugs, also called children's cocaine, lead to unprovoked violence and mass shootings in American schools.

Yet, the smart U.S. government turns American students into pharmacological zombies, trying to take guns away from adults, referring to the crimes committed by young psychopaths. To give you an idea of the extent of such policies, we would like to note that the production of amphetamine-type drugs in the country has been growing exponentially. In addition, Americans consume large quantities of chemical food, which is also a part of the pharmacological industry. Natural food in the U.S. is very difficult to buy. The agency, which directly deals with the issues of changes among the population, is called the Food and Drug Administration, which obviously means that food and drug is one and the same thing.

To crown it all, there are practically no mental health services provided to the population in America. They have been replaced with ambulatory narcotization.

In 1955, there were 559,000 patients in state-funded psychiatric hospitals per 165 million people. Nowadays, their number has dropped to less than 50,000 per 300 million people. It is believed in America that about 20 percent of U.S. prison inmates are mentally ill. However, they will not be sent to "yellow houses", as they serve as a valuable labor resource in the American prison economy.

PeterDownUnder said at March 13, 2013 9:17 AM:

I have personally enjoyed a fair bit of "ice" here in Sydney. For me it was a simple transition from smoking weed as a gateway drug to popping pills
and going to raves. When a friend offered some I was like yea no worries because of my attitude being "try everything at least once in life". I'm pretty sure
if a friend offered to do heroin together I would of done that also. "Ps I believe weed is a gateway drug because it is deemed a "drug". Having been desensitised to drugs via the perceived "drug" weed I was not hesistant in trying other forms of drugs. Only when weed is no longer criminal or deemed a drug will it stop becoming a gateway drug."

At first I didn't even know how to consume it...so from my experiences from racking cocaine...we racked the powders. "LOL just realised I was watching alot of Breaking Bad at the time and that show really made me and my friends curious". Well we all know meth is a powerful decongestant and when racked I felt as if I had blown away a clear refreshing bullet through my left nostril. And the rush was pretty good...similar to a cocaine hit but longer lasting I guess.

The real deal is when I started smoking it from a pipe. I can still remember clearly the slightly medicine like taste. This rush is probably the most intense serotonin rush a human can ever induce upon themselves. The best feeling and energetic high unimaginable. The hit/rush is on for about maybe a 10-15 seconds and then you're up and excited for about a good 6 hours. And then for the next 48 hours you're just awake. Not hungry, not wired, just well rested awake for the entire 48 hours. That's probably the most freaky thing, because I was shocked that I had been up for close to 2 days and felt TOTALLY fine. It was difficult to eat as if you have no appetite but you can eat if you force yourself. From this experience I learnt that EVERYTHING IS IN YOUR HEAD. From pain, hunger, fatigue, sleep its ALL in your head. I realised why meth was so popular during WWII.

Not wanting to be a junkie or a self deemed junkie I tried to make the best use of my awake alert time. So I got to reading alot of classic books such as Dostoyevsky lol. A mate of mine rebuilt his RX7 engine.

For a good 3 months we just smoked 2-3 times a week. Can't say it was as disruptive as people say. I was smoking at the university library during exam periods and I studied very hard with intensity. And during that time it all made sense. My life made sense. Thats what drugs do. And most importantly I think I justified it to myself very clearly.

Well long story short it all comes to an end. For me luckily my dealer disappeared and so I was forced to quit this and I guess at the time I just took it philosophically as a sign to transition from this phase of experimenting. Well I can tell you for those who have popped pills at raves, the scat lasts about a week or 2, cannot say, it may have affected my personality for the long term. When you are high everything you think of is wonderful, and then when you come down everything is negative. When you on it, your life decisions, friends, career path all makes sense and is perfect. When you come down you begin to question and hate everything. This experience taught me that thus life is all about perspectives. You're not gonna be any happier later or now then you set out yourself to be. But this doesn't mean live life for today only. A discussion me and my friend had was how short does the joy/high of drugs last but how long would the joy of real accomplishments last, maybe not as intense but sustained.

During that period of I guess withdrawal I experienced moments when I just simply had to drop everything I was doing and just curl up in bed and just feel really shit about everything. Like I didn't wanna turn on Seinfeld or listen to any music. Everything was annoying I didn't want to do anything. And lying in bed you get all these "what's the point of living, all we do is fuck, sleep, eat, consume, whats the point, fuck it". I developed a habit of saying "Faaaaaaark I wanna die" whenever something negative happens. And I guess this downturn still affects me to this day.

Still, looking back there were some fun times, and even the hard bits are memories and experiences that strengthen me today. I was lucky definitely. A close mate of mine, the one to actually introduce me to it who funnily at the time was scared himself to try, is now a full blown addict. Dropped out of uni with one year left...no one knows anything about him because we all know the one fact about him that keeps us away.

I guess long story short, it gives you a vision and taste of heaven and then hell, and i guess if you were lucky enough to get out of it into reality, I can dare say it was a ride.

I'm just glad I didn't try heroin during that period in my youth. Too much of this "yolo" thing at the time I guess.

Hope you guys enjoyed a little quick insight...

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