2013 February 06 Wednesday
Violent Thieving Flash Mobs

Remember when flash mobs were something that SWPLs did to make an artistic statement? It doesn't seem that long ago. Now we have "teens" doing violent flash mobbing. Whatever will the liberals of New York City do about it?

I see New York City as the cutting edge place to try liberal techniques to control the populace without admitting the causes of underlying problems. I think realists should encourage liberals in the development of rationalizations as long as the results are effective. For example, Mandarin-English deep immersion charter schools to prepare your kids for the economic future of China the industrial titan. Great idea. Throw in English-German since Germany is such a big manufacturing powerhouse. Japanese would work too. Just avoid Spanish. Of course the underlying motive is not to carve out a public school where the cognitively less able will avoid sending their kids.

A key strategy: create environments which offer large quantities of cultural products and training that few outside the cognitive elite will find appealing. Imagine a grocery store where someone is always doing a live classical music performance. Too expensive? Just broadcast loud classical music in the store.

We really need more ideas on how to be pretend egalitarians with liberal beliefs while we create middle and upper class exclusive zones. Do you have some good ideas?

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2013 February 06 07:30 PM 

ASPIRANT said at February 9, 2013 4:24 PM:

This works as both a Swiftian commentary and a real solution. What times we live in...

Mthson said at February 9, 2013 9:56 PM:

Randall, what do you think about using next-gen CCTV in problem neighborhoods?

It seems like past short-comings of CCTV were due to that the cameras tended to be low-res, and overhead instead of street-level, making it difficult to identify perps.

If I had to choose between (1.) a generalized distaste for being recorded, vs. (2.) reduction in random violence like "the knockout game," I'd choose the reduction in violence.

(But I know there are good arguments on both sides.)

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