2013 February 02 Saturday
Traditional Household Work Division Linked To More Sex

Guys, don't do girls work around the house if you want to get laid.

Married men and women who divide household chores in traditional ways report having more sex than couples who share so-called men's and women's work, according to a new study co-authored by sociologists at the University of Washington.

Other studies have found that husbands got more sex if they did more housework, implying that sex was in exchange for housework. But those studies did not factor in what types of chores the husbands were doing.

Of course, this study doesn't prove cause and effect. It could be that the guys who are willing to do cooking and cleaning are less sexy for other reasons. They might be less masculine-looking and sounding.

The new study, published in the February issue of the journal American Sociological Review, shows that sex isn't a bargaining chip. Instead, sex is linked to what types of chores each spouse completes.

Couples who follow traditional gender roles around the house wives doing the cooking, cleaning and shopping; men doing yard work, paying bills and auto maintenance reported greater sexual frequency.

If sociologists ever start controlling for biological differences their work would become much more interesting and useful. For example, in this study if they had measured digit ratios between index and ring fingers they would have gotten a decent proxy for masculinity and femininity. Ditto if they'd measured voice pitch.

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