2013 January 29 Tuesday
Once Again Oppose Immigration Amnesty

Audacious Epigone has it right. This is insane. We have far far more high school drop-outs than we can possibly employ usefully. Demand for low skilled labor is dropping. US Senators should stop acting like morons and try thinking.

Having grown wary of this seemingly perennial amnesty push, I was at risk of apathy this time around, but tripe like the NPR segment has prodded me into action. I've contacted both my senators and my house member expressing my opposition to 'comprehensive' immigration reform. Pithily, I stated that unemployment is high, the need for low-skilled labor has never been lower, and a path to citizenship is a path to more Democratic voters (all three of my representatives are Republicans) with bastard children in one hand while the other hand stretches out to Uncle Sam.

If you're of a similar mind, please do the same. We've risen up and body-slammed the Establishment before. Let's do it again.

Pour on your derision. Rudely explain that you expect them to act in the interests of the nation and stop the influx of people who are a net detriment to those who are already here, especially our lower (and growing) classes.

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James Bowery said at January 29, 2013 10:11 PM:

At this stage of the game, it would be more effective to carrot-and-stick target Rep. Trey Gowdy at (202) 225-6030, the chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Rep. Bob Goodlatte at (202) 225-5431, chairman of the full committee. Similarly contact your member of the Republican National Committee.

Introduce yourself with the statement:

America is a nation of settlers. Immigration increases since The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 have been acts of treason against the posterity of the founders.

The carrot?

$1000 to and/or phone canvassing for their campaign if there is no “path to citizenship” for illegals as of the midterm election.

The stick?

Give $1000 and/or phone canvassing to ANY primary opponents of theirs if they don’t stop this immigration treason.

Finally, make it clear that you have done your homework by reading, verbatim, the following abstract: from the research paper “Issue Voting and Immigration: Do Restrictionist Policies Cost Congressional Republicans Votes?” authored by U of Houston political scientist George Hawley:

I test the hypothesis that Latino voters were less likely to support Republican incumbents with strong anti-immigration records in the 2006 congressional elections in comparison to Republicans with less restrictive records. I also test whether non-Hispanic white voters were similarly sensitive to incumbent immigration records when determining vote choice.
To examine these questions, I created hierarchical models in which incumbent immigration records, individual views on immigration, and an interaction between the two were used to predict vote choice in the 2006 midterm elections. Individual-level data were provided by the 2006 Cooperative Congressional Election Study and incumbent immigration records were provided by NumbersUSA.
This analysis found little or no evidence suggesting that Latino voters are less likely to support Republican incumbents with anti-immigration records. There was evidence suggesting that vote choice among non-Hispanic whites was influenced by incumbent records on immigration, but the effect varied according to the respondent’s own views on immigration.
This study found no evidence that incumbent Republicans could increase their share of the Latino vote by embracing less restrictive immigration policies. In fact, doing so may cost them votes among non-Hispanic whites.

Then refer them to CNN’s racial voting bloc calculator and ask them to do their homework by plugging in Hawley’s research results, or any equally credible research results; and test the theory that Republicans can win elections, even in the short term, by liberalizing immigration.

Finally, warn them that James Madison's argument for an authoritarian Federal Government, although motivated by Shay's Rebellion, was tempered during the Constitutional Convention in order to appeal to the Republican sentiments of his fellow signatories by presenting the possibility that such rebellions could lead to the institution of a tyranny. Government acting to replace the people with a NEW people is the epitome of tyranny and will likely lead to a rebellion to defend the territory against invasion, and take a form for which the government cannot practically anticipate given the rapidly changing technical substrate of society. Remind them there is a multitude of former defense contractors who have been displaced from their professions by Asians, and they are reaching an age where they have little to lose.

After you have done that send this comment, or your version of it, to your acquaintances.

PS: I've asked various authorities if there is any non-501c3 organization coordinating this kind of campaign and have received no responses. We're on our own with this.

Charles said at January 30, 2013 11:39 AM:


Thanks for the great article. I agree with you 100%.

The World's biggest criminal gang, the US govt. and is now trying to reward illegal aliens (=criminals) with AMNESTY.

But the stupid Republicans do not realize that 90% of these 3rd world aliens will always vote for the Democratic party, which is interested in importing poor 3rd world aliens to vote for them and help win elections, and to hell with the country. The Republicans will not be able to win any votes by posing as pseudo-democrats. It will make the Republican party's "Demographic problem" worse, not better.

With so much unemployment, trillion dollar deficits, water shortages, urban sprawl and mile long congestion, this 3rd most populous nation on earth should be totally banning immigration, not importing more aliens. Alienism is a crime against humanity.

The Republicans are digging their own grave by helping Democrats import more Democrats and turn the nation into a 3rd world country with the majority of Democrats, so they Democratic party can have a permanent majority and can thus establish an unopposed police state. Pls. go to numbersusa period com website and send faxes to your Congressmen and wake up these suicidal Republicans who are trying to put the final nail in their own coffin.

fmudd said at January 30, 2013 4:28 PM:

@James Bowery

Not happening. GOP will become a regional party should they oppose the immigration bill.

If they talk deportation and "electrified/super tall/double walled" fence they look draconion.

They have no choice on this; look at the opposition to this. There are no political heavyweights doing serious opposition to this on the Republican side.

Consider this a done deal.

SF said at January 30, 2013 7:54 PM:

Dear Senator Feinstein . . . . . anybody have any suggestions. I will write but I think I will be talking to a brick wall.

Engineer-Poet said at January 30, 2013 8:07 PM:

The 2007 amnesty bill looked like a done deal too.  The problem that the establishment has is that people are buying guns because they are afraid that it IS "a done deal", despite their steadfast opposition.  The immigration-control candidates are bought off or sidelined by Big Money in the primaries, so they have no voice at the ballot box.  If lighting up the switchboards doesn't work, the cartridge box is the next thing... and America is getting ready for that possibility.

I just spent some time on the phone today, phoning both Senators and my rep.

AWC said at January 31, 2013 9:25 AM:

Here's a new blog: Occam's Razor


It has multiple bloggers and will include topics: HBD, politics, history and economics, immigration, etc.

We are still working on blogroll. If we do not have you added, please add us, leave comment or email, and we'll add you.


Check it Out said at January 31, 2013 2:43 PM:

"We've risen up and body-slammed the Establishment before. Let's do it again."

Impossible. People have grown too entertained, indoctrinated, lazy, obese and dumb. Those days are gone as part of a wonderfully romantic era when we hadn't become so bourgeoised minded.

Tristero said at February 2, 2013 12:14 PM:

For those with concerns over illegal immigration and the prospect of amnesty, I’d like to offer a plug for the NumbersUSA organization (https://www.numbersusa.com/content/). They follow immigration issues closely and, more importantly, if you register your e-mail address with them, offer you the opportunity to send pre-written (but modifiable) faxes to your own members of both houses of Congress in a coordinated way. They have over a million members who fax and telephone regularly, and are also getting involved in state immigration issues, where the battle is also being fought effectively.

Thanks to them, I’ve sent, over the past couple of years, probably close to 100 faxes to my senators and congress-critters, and it’s cost me nothing, and takes less than a minute each time. Moreover, my faxes are going in at the same time as many thousands of others. Polls indicate that Americans of all ethnicities, including Hispanics, want tighter borders and oppose amnesty, but it can be hard to make these convictions heard over the media’s generally pro-amnesty propaganda. NumbersUSA makes it easy to do so, and at no cost.

For the record, I have no connection to the group other than being an appreciate supporter; there may well be other groups out there that are fighting the good fight just as effectively, but I really appreciate the way NumbersUSA allows me to weigh in on immigration issues in such an easy way. So I would encourage everyone with an interest in this issue to check out their website and get involved.

WJ said at February 3, 2013 4:15 PM:

The notion that this one is unstoppable is ridiculous. After the 2006 elections, when Republicans lost control of both houses of Congress, you could practically hear George W. Bush and his open borders cabal screaming with glee. The House was against us, the Senate was against us, and the Idiot-in-Chief was against us. They still lost.

This year we still have control of the Senate. Granted that John Boehner isn't very trustworthy, having supported amnesty in the past, but I still think he wants to remain Speaker a bit longer. If the House lets amnesty slip through, he's cooked.

Call your congressmen - several times, from your work, home, and cell phones. Tell those you know to do the same. Email them, too. Don't let up. We will win this.

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