2012 December 08 Saturday
Better Border Control Has Pushed Smugglers To Sea

Recall one of the arguments of the Open Borders crowd is the supposed impracticality of controlling our borders. Yet the US border with Mexico has become so much better policed and controlled that smugglers have shifted to the sea. SoCal is seeing more smugglers coming into the coast.

“There’s been an uptick in smuggling at sea because we have been successful in making it difficult for smuggling organizations at the land border,” said Claude Arnold, the special agent in charge for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Los Angeles. “They’re trying everything they can to get their products into the country.”

Drug money is funding most of the smuggling. Human smuggling by sea costs more than by land. So this raises the threshold for illegal aliens and shifts it toward those who have more buying power. In other words, higher quality with more earnings power.

Read to the end and you will see a Coast Guard commander say it is possible to catch them when they land if we tried harder. Law enforcement agencies are using helicopters and airplanes to identify the boats and ships being used. But UAVs would be cheaper with much longer loitering times and no risk to their operators. Throw in some image processing software to spot images of boats against the background and a substantial amount of the scanning could be automated.

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