2012 November 29 Thursday
The Fiscal Cliff: Go Over It Like Thelma And Louise

I find myself in agreement with both Howard Dean and Charles Krauthammer: Go over that fiscal cliff.

Granted we return to late 1990s tax rates. But the advantage of high tax rates is that they make people more strongly against higher spending. They feel the pain of the spending.

We also get sizable military spending cuts. Well, the United States shouldn't spend on the World Police role. There's not a good ROI on being World Police. So lets stop doing that.

We also get cuts in social programs. Got no complaint about that either. Cut down the size of the Leviathan. The US is on an unsustainable course in so many ways. The fiscal cliff will reduce the rate of our decline. I say it is a price worth paying.

So gun the engine and head for the fiscal cliff.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2012 November 29 10:30 PM 

now i do said at December 2, 2012 2:41 PM:

"Well, the United States shouldn't spend on the World Police role."

You mean you don't want to go after Chavez, Evo Morales, Al Assad and Ahmadinejad anymore? Is this a generalized feeling on Americans lately? Come on Randall, just a few years ago you and most of the gang in this forum wanted to invade everywhere because you thought democracy was really within reach. Come on yaw'll don't give up so soon. The U.S. still needs to invade 3 or 4 more countries and kill a few more thousands of children, women and men, so the world finally understands who's boss. Bet the U.S. can also take on Russia and China as well. Come on, let's see all those free and brave Americans leave home and tread all over the land again.

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