2012 November 25 Sunday
Join The Chinese Communist Party To Get Girls

I'm rifting off The Producers: "Don't be shtupid, be a smahty, come and join the Communist Chinese Pahty". The Ministry of Tofu weblog has fun posts on China. Liang Wengen, president of Sany Heavy Industry, says join the Chinese Communist Party if you want to get girls.

Delegate Liang, one of the richest in China, who heads China’s biggest heavy machinery maker, said on November 11. The day is celebrated by Chinese youth as “Singles’ Day”, a festival for bachelors and bachelorettes, because the date, 11.11, consists of four “ones”. Commenting on the social phenomenon that Chinese of marriageable age have trouble finding a suitable mate, he suggested that single men join the Communist Party, “I actually thought about joining the Party long ago, as in China, if a man is a party member, it is easier for him to find a date. Most party members’ wives are prettier than non-party members’ wives. Chinese girls love party members, because a Communist Party member has ideals and is willing to sacrifice.”

So he wants you to believe it is the ideals of party members that attract the women (giggle), not the status and money the members can make from corruption.

The post has other fun anecdotes from the 18th party congress including a comment from an 11 year old who feels the impact of high housing prices cutting the amount of money available to buy toys.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2012 November 25 05:45 PM 

gym quiz said at November 26, 2012 10:22 AM:

It's not quite so easy to join the Communist Party. At the lowest levels it works like any pyramid scheme, you do a lot of crap work without any real chance at promotion. I'm sure most of the good jobs get taken by the Princelings.

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