2012 November 23 Friday
When A Chinese Party Boss Becomes Too Rich To Bribe

Chongqing China party boss Lei Zhengfu became too rich from corruption to be bribed by property developers. What to do? One developer got clever and hired girls to sleep with party bosses and then secretly make video recordings to blackmail the party bosses into approving development projects. Imagine that sort of ethos in America. No more NIMBY obstructionism.

By 2007, after Lei had been promoted to Vice Party Secretary of Chongqing's Jiulongpo District, Lei's personal fortune had grown to the extent that developers effectively found him impossible to bribe.

One developer discovered Lei's weakness for women however, and set about hiring a number of attractive young girls, all under 20-years-old, and using them to set a "honey trap" for Lei. The women, after becoming Lei's mistresses, would secretly video themselves having sex with the corrupt official, giving their employer leverage over Lei.

The women weren't only willing to have sex for hire. They were willing to surreptitiously video record the sex in order to do blackmail. The communist party bosses (investigative reporter Zhu Ruifeng has sex videos of at least 5 other officials) were willing to believe these girls really wanted to sleep with them just because they are sexy powerful guys. Seriously, how could this guy ever think his mistress was in to him?

I think there's a lesson here for the party bosses: Once you get rich enough to no longer need bribes you should only sleep with girls you pay for. Don't accept free sex. Nothing is free. You should know better than that. Also, you should only bed girls in places where you control the settings. Make it your secret apartment rather than her's and use really good locks and electronic countermeasures.

An investigative reporter behind this story, Zhu Ruifeng, is under threat of arrest for other muckraking work. Local governments try to jail anti-corruption reporters in China.

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skalla said at November 25, 2012 1:49 PM:

China is doing some interesting things; from their "50 Cent Brigade or (Army)" propaganda machine, issuing passports with maps showing them owning the S. China Sea, power women that poison shady English businessmen, launching new planes off of semi-new carriers, provocations in Kashmir, building cities with no inhabitants, fomenting unrest in Okinawa against US assets, driving wedges between Japan and S. Korea, etc etc .... and they can barely keep the rubber on the sole of the boot they have on the neck of their people.
The rise of the military right in China (Imperial Japan II) is the world's worse case scenario. It's possible, even probable, that China is already gearing for a war they plan with the main goal of distracting the people from creating unrest in their own country. With the turnover in the leading party and the Central Military Commission due for a rollover as high as 7 out of 10 (The newcomers (to the CMC) are described as more "hawkish") it's possible shooting will start within a year of the CMC rollover.

The hypocrisy of China creating and celebrating "Japanese Germ Warfare Memorial Day" while 20 million plus of their own people lie in fresher graves at the hands of their current government is lost on modern media.

The world is ripening for another Wild Ride of Mr. Toad era.

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