2012 November 17 Saturday
Realistic Human Sexuality Discussions In Blog Comments

After decades of ideological (i.e. very delusional) rhetoric from tenured ideological feminists and feminist journalists about female sexuality a Heartiste post "Hot girl wants slut advice" elicits comments from female posters who still understand that female and male sexuality innately differ. Cynthia tries to talk sense to an 18 year old girl "Nad Z" who lost her virginity at age 15 to a guy she hit on at a concert.

Lost it to a guy twice your age, after you approached him. Thatís not an accomplishment. At best, itís sad. At worst, itís dangerous.

My advice on not being a slut? You seem decently intelligent, so maybe thisíll mean something to you.

Embrace whatever anger youíre feeling from this comments section. Realize this kind of behavior will scar you in ways you canít possibly understand yet at 18. Think about where you want to be in 15 years. Reconnect with your sense of shame. Find some humility in this fact Ė thereís a class of man out there that will bang anything that moves, no matter what it is or what it looks like, thereís no honor in being a woman who feeds that, and it says nothing about you but bad things. Disconnect from the ďgender is socializedĒ BS that gets floated around online. Learn to find value in yourself beyond what you can do sexually, and take pride in yourself as a woman in other ways.

You can't get this sort of honest discussion by feminist writers on Salon or The Atlantic. Blog comments are the most honest venue for societal-wide discussion of what is true. The nation's leading commentators are useless for the most part. Our biggest social problems see far more intelligent and realistic discussion in the comments section of a pick-up artist blog than in the major liberal media outlets. Why? Because the mainstream mythologies about human nature have gotten too far from the truth.

Cynthia understands the mainstream messages women are told are not in their best interest.

Yes, the socialist deconstruction of Western society begins and ends with our sexual norms. Telling women that they can be ďjust like menĒ only turns them into unhappy, lonely, frustrated sluts. Itís sad, how many girls buy into these days. Even sadder how most never seem to understand how easy it would have been to avoid it.

Why I care: The decline of the family means more support for the welfare state. Single women vote for government as substitute husband and substitute father. Also, the decline of the family means more messed up adults who lived messed up childhoods. If the dumber single moms were selectively going for smart men to knock them up then it wouldn't be so bad. We'd get a long term benefit of smarter and more productive future generations. But I do not see signs that's happening.

Cynthia advocates letting go of the Narrative. Yes, take the red pill and look at life realistically.

I work in a male-dominated environment, Iíve lived outside the country, Iíve got plenty of aging female relatives to judge the failure of feminism against, and Iíve been watching my friends self-destruct around me since middle school. Iíve got a leg up on some women, sure, but itís not difficult to see where all this shit leads. The evidence is clearly apparent to anybody willing to let go of the Narrative and think for themselves. The sad thing is, standing out from the crowd terrifies women at a primal level, and most will never dare challenge it.

We would have a better society if more people were willing to take the red pill on more topics. Less ideology. Less fantasy. Less delusion.

Spiralina comments "this ship has sailed already": She's right. Nad has already made her decision.

When I was 15 I was making up little dances and doing art projects with my equally young and virginal girlfriends. She was going to concert venues and asking men twice her age to tag team her.

Look at the facial piercings and Miley Cyrus hair, this ship has sailed already. She already knows sheís a slut. She just wants permission to be one, and also to get some attention in a public forum. Heartisteís advice would be relevant to girls who are 1) actually hot, and 2) not already well down the slut path.

If more girls were like Spiralina I'd hold out some hope for stopping the decline of western civilization.

Cynthia sees the sexualization of female childhood as tragic. I think we need a pharmaceutical way to delay puberty and give kids time to grow up.

Ditto on the activities. Worst we were doing at 15 was watching Tom Cruise movies obsessively. And that was only a decade ago.

Itís really tragic how much of the female childhood experience has been removed (boys, on the other hand, are encouraged to be children until age 30 now). Pop culture firehoses little girls with sexuality now, instead of letting them mature at a decent pace. Itís tragic.

Spiralina understands why women shame slutty girls.

The difference is, women are shaming her from a twofold motivation. The first is from a natural motherly/sisterly desire to keep younger girls out of trouble. Weíve (or at least the luckier among us) known older women who stepped in to give us protection and guidance in Ďtough loveí style when we were young and dumb, and I believe itís an instinctual female reaction. The second motivation is less altruistic; women participate in a fairly brutal form of social bullying/íslut shamingí against other women who disrupt the social order by giving away sex for free, ultimately lowering the Ďpriceí of female sexuality in the SMP. I elaborated on this in another comment. So the motivations are both selfless and selfish.

I canít speak as clearly on the motivations of men since itís outside my realm of experience, so Iíll defer to your explanation. I just thought they were reflexively angry because she didnít fit their masturbatory fantasy of a Ďhotí slutty 18-year-old girl.

Sounds like Cynthia is bi.

Itís cool to *claim* to be bi.

Most actual bisexuals really struggle with it. Itís probably the least supported part of the GLBT community Ė we ruin the Narrative. Thereís very little acceptance for bisexual men in any way, from anyone. For women, well, lesbians are usually downright hostile, straight women arenít in the dating pool, and itís a kinky fantasy for straight men.

How to get a more realistic mainstream American culture? Do any Western countries have a more realistic mainstream discussion about human nature?

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Soleman said at November 18, 2012 2:12 PM:

I think it's ok for a 15 year-old girl to have sex if she wants, but it should be with a boy who is also around 15, or at least, under 18.

On the other hand, I believe it's ok if a boy 15 or older to have sex with a woman even if she's older than 18. Like his school teacher for example. Don't ask me why. Perhaps it's because I used to sexually desire one or two of my women teachers and classmates' moms when I was in high school and even in middle school.

I would probably draw the line at 15 years of age for both boys and girls and just as long as there's no coercion from either sexual partner of course.

mencken said at November 23, 2012 11:13 PM:

I believe Soleman's beliefs have added nothing substantial to the conversation. stawp poasting.

Check it Out said at November 26, 2012 2:42 PM:

That's a good point form mencken on Soleman. However, I don't see any substance in his posts either. It is in fact kind of hard to know what mencken's beliefs are since he's quite new around here.

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