2012 November 11 Sunday
Republicans And Democrats Defeated Republicans

Republicans aligned with the Democrats to defeat the Republicans via immigration. So both the Republicans and Democrats can declare victory for the Republican defeat.

What else was defeated: the republic.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2012 November 11 11:55 AM 

no said at November 11, 2012 2:09 PM:

Romney also lost in midwest states that were well over 90% non-hispanic white.
Try again.

Romney was hopeless, pandering to both sides and alienating both. For example The left didn't trust him on abortion, and the right didn't trust him to be pro-life, he lost both sides.
The left didn't believe he'd take on China, right-wing 'free-traders' were afraid that he would.

R. Ellenstein said at November 11, 2012 2:39 PM:

In the United States, the political system is a very marginal affair. There are two parties, so-called, but they’re really factions of the same party, the Business Party. Both represent some range of business interests. In fact, they can change their positions 180 degrees, and nobody even notices. In the 1984 election, for example, there was actually an issue, which often there isn’t. The issue was Keynesian growth versus fiscal conservatism. The Republicans were the party of Keynesian growth: big spending, deficits, and so on. The Democrats were the party of fiscal conservatism: watch the money supply, worry about the deficits, et cetera. Now, I didn’t see a single comment pointing out that the two parties had completely reversed their traditional positions. Traditionally, the Democrats are the party of Keynesian growth, and the Republicans the party of fiscal conservatism. So doesn’t it strike you that something must have happened? Well, actually, it makes sense. Both parties are essentially the same party. The only question is how coalitions of investors have shifted around on tactical issues now and then. As they do, the parties shift to opposite positions, within a narrow spectrum.

There's no "left" in America. There's only Moderate Right, Conservative Right and Ultra-Right Right all condenssed in a very narrow spectrum.
Americans don't know what "left" is, trust me.

R. Ellenstein said at November 11, 2012 2:50 PM:

When you come back from the Third World to the West -the U.S. in particular- you are struck by the narrowing of thought and understanding, the limited nature of legitimate discussion, the separation of people from each other. It's startling how stultifying it feels, since our opportunities are so vastly greater here.

I would always be a good idea for Americans to go and spend some time in the Third World, not as tourists, but to live there. They'll be surprised how much they can learn about the U.S. in just a few months away from it.

Mercer said at November 11, 2012 5:23 PM:

Some people want to credit the Dem victory to Latinos because they want amnesty. Don't fall for it.

The Dems started their Presidential victories in 1992. Latinos were a tiny number of voters in 1992. Of the current swing states Mexicans only made a difference in NV and CO. The Midwest has the most closely contested states and few Latinos. New England has turned blue and has few Latinos.

The rising number of Latinos has a some effect on the election but the rising number of unmarried and non religious was a bigger factor. The bad memories of Bush Jr also helps the Dems.

Mthson said at November 12, 2012 5:35 AM:

There aren't enough Silicon Valley style smart people in the world, but if the Republican party could get some of them, I think their problems would be solvable.

3 most effective solutions IMHO:

1. Minority or female candidate: Consider it a must that their 2016 candidate be a minority or female. They should be scouting right now for potential candidates among business leaders aged 35-50, so they can have a head start grooming them. Get someone very smart, like Sheryl Sandberg, rather than talking heads like Sarah Palin and Michelle Malkin. China wins the olympics because it has rational scouting/grooming systems; Republicans should do the same.

2. Healthcare: The lower class will vote liberal as long as that will get them free healthcare. So get Silicon Valley people who know how to cut all medical costs in half, and combine that with the Republican party's ability to get it done.

3. Education & careers: The lower class sees liberalism as being better for their professional well-being. So get Silicon Valley people who know how to cut education costs in half AND double its career effectiveness.

In other words, at this point, the Republican party can only win elections if it genuinely leads society with these kind of 21st century ideas that should be implemented now instead of 20 years from now.

Lono said at November 12, 2012 8:45 AM:


I believe the Republicans will not take up such bold leadership until they disconnect from their support of the failed private Federal Reserve central banking system. I ran as a delegate for Ron Paul and it was very disturbing to see how the leaders of the GOP would stop at nothing to silence any and all debate about the Federal Reserve system within the party.

It is pretty easy to see why there is such fanatical devotion to a failed system - because said system simply prints money out of thin air to bankroll major candidates like Obama and Romney - but it also therefore creates slaves out of both parties - which is by design. Until people get serious about challenging or repealing the Federal Reserve system - then the political status quo will continue unabated. From my experience very few Americans even realize that our monetary policy is controlled by a private and secretive central banking system - you can see hilarious videos on youtube where Americans refuse to trade even their half-drunken Starbucks latte for various gold coins of significant intrinsic value.

Randall Parker said at November 12, 2012 7:38 PM:

R. Ellenstein and James Bowery,

I deleted comments by both of you due to your below-board insults of each other. You are welcome to post new comments that cover the more substantive arguments you were both making.

Everyone else,

If I missed any unproductive insults comment on that thread and quote the insult. I'll delete that comment and your comment that includes the insult. So make a separate comment to point out insults. Do not include any substantive comment of your own when you point out behavior the crosses the line.

You can make it easy for me to see by saying DELETE THIS COMMENT: ....

Randall Parker said at November 12, 2012 7:58 PM:


As you know, I advocate for automation of health care and education.

For education we need to shift a very small slice of federal education spending to create free online tests (especially since Henry Roediger et. al. have shown recall is better than repeated reading for memory formation), free recorded lectures (e.g. get the military service academy teachers recorded since we are already paying their salaries), and only tutors for hire. Even tutorial systems could use previously provided answers to questions asked in a human-taught course.

Cutting the cost of education could be done cheaply.

Medicine: a much harder nut to crack. We need lots of machine learning Ph.D.s to work on it with lots of talented software developers. Though some of it would be easy. We also need microfluidics to cut the cost of medical testing.

TangoMan said at November 13, 2012 12:58 AM:

Are there no damn Machiavellis in the Republican world? The way to fight an incoherent coalition is to bust it up and to pit faction against faction. What did Plouffe do with respect to depressing the blue collar white vote that he knew Obama wasn't going to get? He made sure that those voters thought Romney wasn't worth their bother. Plouffe was smart. It looks like the Republicans have hung onto their Mayberry Machiavellis from the Bush Administration - the gang who couldn't shoot straight.

The evidence of turmoil resulting from demographic transition simply has to be highlighted to the correct audience in order to create a wedge or depress turnout. What has happened to black workforce participation rates as Hispanics have increased their share of the workforce? What has happened to black political ambitions in machine politics in regions of LA as Hispanics have risen?

Sure, the "my brother and I versus my village" type of solidarity may work when blacks and Hispanics align to back more extractive taxes from whites but when the contest is between the two groups the solidarity fades. Find some black leaders who have integrity and see what the rise of Hispanics is doing to black employment interests and help them spread the message. Turn the battle so that it focuses internally rather than externally.

This is what happens when Democrats play with fire and work to encourage a racial spoils system. They'd have to be morons to believe that their projections take place in a static universe (though that seems to be how they model their tax reform ideas) rather than in a dynamic universe.

Secondly, get the message out about disparate impact regulations in the workforce, about the odiousness of the UTexas Fisher case. Young whites hate Affirmative Action. Rub their noses in it. Find celebrity endorsers who will speak out in favor of equality of opportunity and denounce Democratic racism. This is a cultural battle that Democrats are forcing on us, so don't fight the battle on a battlefied that Democrats have designated, take the battle to a place where Republicans benefit and Democrats are harmed. The goal here should be to get Democrats to disavow their racial focus and instead focus their policies on ideas.

Along the same lines, there is more slack available in picking up small increments of the white vote than trying to capture a larger share of the smaller Hispanic vote. For once I agree with Bill Kristol - why defend so many rich people on taxes when so many of them are damn cosmopolitans who identify with the Democrats. This is killing Republicans with the middle class of all races. Give the Democrats the rope to hang themselves. They want higher taxes, so target the higher taxes in such a way that the pain falls mainly on high income Democrats. One suggestion focused on limiting the deductions to 15% thus hitting liberals living in LA and NYC. Great. Push the Glenn Reynolds Tax Hollywood idea. Go after university endowments in any way you can so long as you inflict some damage there. Throw policy grenades into the liberal camp.

Look into the sociological data and see where you can wring out more constituencies. Married people tend to gravitate towards the Republicans because they tend to see the resource diversion of redistribution harming their family, so push the Republican message in black and Hispanic and Asian communities so that it focuses on married identity more than racial group identity. Peel away married people.

We've just endured an election where Republican pundits and politicians made decisions based on gut feelings while Democrats were using data to shape their perception of the world. So what happens immediately after the loss? Idiots like Krauthamer and Hannity have come to Jesus moments on Amnesty because Hispanics are natural conservatives, again relying on vapid intuition instead of looking, as Heather Mac Donald has done, at data which clearly shows that Hispanics like big government, that the white Catholic vote diverged from the Hispanic Catholic vote, from looking at the political slant of Latin American Catholicism. All this information is easily accessible. People can fact check their intuitions before opening their pie holes but no, these pundits continue to run with their vapid gut instincts.

The bottom line today is the same that I predicted 6 months ago over at Gucci. For every gain the Democrats make there will be a consequence in the policy arena which results in pushing whites on the margin out of the coalition. It's unavoidable. When Democrats push a plan like disparate impact regulations in the workplace then this will have direct negative consequences on whites. Adding vinegar to their fresh wound is the realization that the employment system was fair and equal but the white employee is being punished because the outcomes were not equal. As the Democrats get more overtly racial this will force race-neutral whites on the margin to abandon their race neutrality thus pushing the margin in a bit deeper into white liberal territory. And here the process renews itself as the Democrats push a little bit harder. Set up more section 8 housing in Westchester County, in Marin County. Put the pressure on white liberals - this is after all what they're advocating be done everywhere else. Let them have their own medicine. Set up public interest law firms to sue Silicon Valley for workforce related diversity issues. Al Sharpton and the community organizers had a heck of an extortion racket working along these lines. Bust up the Democratic coalition.

This is who, whom? being played out. The Democrats have to be nuts to expect their coalition to remain cohesive when there are so many internal fractures present and the principal targets are old white men and that young white men have a regular habit of growing old and becoming those old white men. What is it that is said about a house being divided? Divide the Democratic house and get the various factions to battle each other rather than Republicans.

Mthson said at November 13, 2012 6:28 AM:


On a related note, Asian Americans experience even worse outcomes under liberal policies.

Universities discriminate against Asian Americans, and Asian Americans are disproportionately affected by the NAM crime that liberal policies create (like subsidized ghettos in the center of cities).

I've found liberals have trouble justifying why Asian Americans should be subject to discrimination in universities, so this is a good hook to attack the irrationality of racial preferences in general.

Emphasizing the plight of Asian Americans and their general success story would help advance the Republican party's big potential improvement of appearing as being more than for only White Americans.

Check it out said at November 14, 2012 2:47 PM:

Goog move. I applaud you deleted the insulting comments from both R. Ellenstein and James Bowery. You start feeling as you don't know what you're gonna get next time you write. One really feels like refraining from posting when we get some of those posts. Two thumbs up.

Victor said at November 19, 2012 7:59 AM:


Thanks for the great article. You are very very right. And here is my analysis.

1. The Demogangsters have been flooding the nation with 3rd world aliens, starting in the 1960’s. As most of the 3rd aliens of darker-skinned races will ALWAYS vote for the Democratic party, no matter what, the Democratic party was able to increase the real number of registered Democratic voters massively through immigration.

They have allowed almost 3 million aliens to enter this country legally every year, thus acquiring 30 million voters over the last decade, even though America is already the 3rd most populous nation on earth. And by weakening our border and allowing millions more illegals to enter and vote and steal the elections by using the Motor Voter Bill and electronic voting machines, which are made by Democratic party controlled corporations and the memory sticks in them are replaced by the Democratic party govt. employees to ensure Democratic party win.

The stupid Republican party went along with this immigration flood (and Motor Voter and electronic voting machines) and thus helped the Demogangsters bring in more alien Democrats and steal the elections!

2. Also, Whites, who tend to be more Republican and conservative, stopped having children, but blacks and Mexicans, the majority of whom tend to be Democrats, have 3-10 each. Thus, the percent of whites in the population is declining.

The Republican party will NEVER EVER win any votes from 90% of the blacks and Mexicans and Asians, even by pandering to them, giving them amnesty or more visas, or convert them one bit by trying to “talk them into” becoming conservative, such as the promoting free enterprise and all that nonsense.


a. The Republicans must BAN ALL IMMIGRATION. America is the 3rd most populous nation on earth, overcrowded, facing severe shortages of basic resources such as water and land. Alienism is crime against humanity.

Banning immigration is supported by 80% of the public, include most legal immigrants, and many Democrats too, as they do not want fresh aliens to come and steal their jobs. This will make the Republican party popular with all groups, help get votes from anti-immigration Democrats and solidify its support with its core voter base, the white majority, which is totally against more immigration or it will otherwise lose the white majority for ever, as 3rd world aliens will soon outnumber them.

b. Whites must have more children, 5-10 each to restore white percent to over 80%, for their own safety and preservation.

The Republican party must be the PATRIOTIC and PRO-AMERICAN alternative, in CONTRAST to the alienist Democratic party, instead of trying to become pseudo-Democrats.

The left-wing media scammers and fraudsters who are telling the Republican party to pander to aliens and help bring in more of them (i.e. future Democrats), through amnesty, etc. are basically telling it to drink more of the poison that is killing it in the first place! They are doing this to scam the Republicans into further digging their own grave so the Dems can get even more majority and win even more elections so they can quickly turn America into a Demogangster run 3rd world police state.

Mthson said at November 19, 2012 4:36 PM:


I'm planning my life now so that I can have many children.

If they contribute an order of magnitude more than they consume, it seems like a big plus for society.

Check it Out said at November 20, 2012 4:44 PM:


How do you propose that Republicans - or anybody else - "BAN ALL IMMIGRATION"? Do you mean build a taller wall?

"Alienism is crime against humanity." I don't think you know the meaning of "crime against humanity"

"Banning immigration is supported by 80% of the public, include most legal immigrants" I don't think you got the right figure there Vic. Why do you mean by "Banning legal immigrants?" Are they to be labeled "criminals against humanity" from then on?

"The Republican party must be the PATRIOTIC and PRO-AMERICAN alternative"

What exactly -according to you - is "PRO-AMERICAN"? PATRIOTIC? Are there no republicans that are descendants of immigrants? Are you not a descendant of immigrants? Perhaps you're a Native American Indian, in which case, please excuse. You would then have all right to be mad at all those murderer white Europeans who stole your land and killed your people in that genocide, after your grandparents fed them turkey and corn when they were starving in the cold.

Yes, part of our typical patriotic and pro-american double standard.

Check it Out said at November 21, 2012 4:49 PM:

Oh by the way:


Happy Thanksgiving to all you beautiful ones.

Randall Parker said at November 24, 2012 5:47 PM:


Been meaning to say: great rant. I like the idea of setting up more section 8 housing in upper class liberal areas.

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