2012 July 05 Thursday
Heartiste On The War Against Pattern Recognition

Heartiste has coined a great term to describe what has gone wrong with American intellectuals. When it comes to understanding humans there's a war in American intellectual circles against pattern recognition. This comes up in a post he did: Never Listen To A Feministís Opinion About Helping Boys. The title is certainly wise. In the process of eviscerating the arguments of feminist author Lisa Bloom he says:

The war against pattern recognition marches onward.

Boys and girls are different for biological (really, evolutionary) reasons. They have different reproductive strategies, desires, and specializations. Any argument about child development and the interests of boys and girls that ignores this basic fact is highly likely to be harmful to the interest of boys and likely to be harmful to the interests of girls as well.

Half Sigma did a recent post on why girls drop out of sports at a much higher rate than do boys. HS is doing pattern recognition again. This is why he finds it necessary to post under a pseudonym. The War Against Pattern Recognition includes a War Against Pattern Recognizers.

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Rick said at July 6, 2012 10:43 AM:

It's sad to see how much feminised education has turned boys into little queers that now seem proud to be so. Every middle school boy should -at least once in his life- take a pee on the street, have a drink of daddy's beer, watch a porno video and discuss with another classmate about how exquisit someone eles's mom looks.

That's part of a more balanced education.

Rick said at July 6, 2012 11:01 AM:

This video says it clearly, simply and to the point.


Rick said at July 6, 2012 11:11 AM:

In the U.S. if the man is unfaithful to his wife, she gets to divorce him and he has to give her half. If the woman is unfaithful, she gets to divorce him and he has to give her half. Convenient.

James Bowery said at July 8, 2012 11:49 AM:

From 1992:


Discrimination is now understood to be the the basis of the most primitive neural functions across all species. The microstructure of cognition, according to neural scientists, is set up so as to construct hyperdimensional surfaces which divide the universe both physical and ideal, into regions which Seigfried Engleman called "Concepts" in his papers on conceptual learning.

When we teach children the concept that the formation or utilization of a concept is wrong, we naturally subvert not only their moral structure, but, to the extent that they are genetically predisposed to acquire moral imprints, we subvert their most basic components of neural activity.

Our education system, in teaching that "discrimination is wrong" has embarked on a genocidal pogrom against populations which are genetically prone to accept and adhere to moral imprints. When thought is immoral, only the immoral will be able to think.

Many of the responses are GONE from the Google archive. Are the scum covering their tracks for posterity?

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