2012 July 01 Sunday
Widespread Spying By Indian Companies

The use of clericals as spies is very interesting.

“Over 35 percent of companies operating in various sectors across India are engaged in corporate espionage to gain advantage over their competitors and are even spying on their employees via social networking Web sites,” Assocham said in its report.

While checking out people’s activity on social media sites like LinkedIn or Twitter didn’t sound too alarming, Assocham made a stronger claim that about 900 respondents said that they plant a mole in other companies, usually as receptionists, photo-copiers and other low-end jobs.

Upper level managers trust clericals with lots more information about business strategy than the individual engineers see sitting in their cubicles. So the use of clericals as spies is an astute tactic. They do not get paid much. So to, say, offer them double would not cost much to the spying company.

What I wonder: how much of this spying ends up being against international firms with offices in India or who are using outsourcing firms in India. Are Western firms losing more secrets in India or China?

What I also wonder: how much corporate spying is done in the United States by using imported knowledge workers who were recruited into spying even before they came to the US. Are US firms asleep in the face of serious loss to spies? Also, which firms are most targeted by corporate spies?

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