2012 March 19 Monday
Jon Hamm Sees Reality Stars As Idiots

Kim Kardashian? Paris Hilton?

The Mad Men actor referred to the reality star when he recently hit out at the cult of celebrity in an interview with April's Elle UK magazine, saying that it made ' f***ing idiots' like Kim and Paris Hilton into millionaires.

Hamm probably doesn't want the competition. But is Mad Men less harmful to the development of adolescent minds than reality TV shows? It has been too many years since I saw any TV show episode for me to judge.

Reality TV as "a sort of car crash sensibility".

'Itís a part of our culture that I certainly donít identify with, and I donít really understand the appeal of it other than in a sort of car crash sensibility,' he said.

I've only ever seen short excerpts of Jersey Shore in online videos. Not owning a TV I've gotten pretty insulated from what comes across on TV channels nowadays. But Jersey Shore's sensibility strikes me as aimed at people who already have impulsive simple minds. It is an unfortunate side effect of having many media channels that some can specialize in producing content that glorifies simple minds living impulsive lives.

We used to have more cultural gatekeepers. We still have such gatekeepers for political correctness (and said gatekeepers cause great damage by suppressing the truth about IQ for example). But we have gatekeepers where they do damage and we lack them where they would help. We really need gatekeepers for the cultural fare the media companies deliver to the dumbest and most impulsive. But such gatekeepers would reduce profits. So that's not going to happen.

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paulkael said at April 8, 2012 8:13 PM:

Judging from Jon Hamm's appearance on Bill...I hate Women (except,really young and black women) and Republicans...Maher; Jon Hamm is just another pretty face. He was out of his element on the Maher show. Not that he doesn't share their uber-liberal mind set. He was Hamm-strung at expressing himself and merly nodded and glowed in his handsome aura. Brains he is not.
The new season on Mad Men has started to mixed results for this fan. Incidentally, Hamm has directed one or two episodes. Yes the cilche'..."I feel most fullfilled behind the camera" I wonder if he has taken to writing episodes as well? Series lacks, if not authenticity of original episodes; let's say the novelty has worn off. Smoking, drinking and womenizing are not as funny. It seems as though they have pulled back on those bad habits anyway except for Rodger who seems to be relegated to office clown. Their take on the 60's is Hamm handed...awkward attendance at evil Rolling Stone's concert??? I wonder if Mad Men will be celebrating their 50th anniversary later in this century? Making Betty fat was so ridiculous and unbelievable...I haven't seen such bad costuming and make-up since George Lucas let his wife do the costumes for the original Star Wars. Betty looked like a chenielle robot, gliding about in that huge, floor length pink robe designed to conceal her real pregnancy. I could have predicted the diet pill request in my sleep. Should have had the Stones playing "Mother's Little Helpers" on the sound tract.
Beatniks and out of wedlock pregnancies seemed to better capture the show's original era. Now it is all shagg carpet, Danish furniure, and bad lamps.

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