2011 November 02 Wednesday
Occupy Wall Street Learning From Street People

Street people are teaching OWS protestors how to survive outside in cold weather.

In New York, three days after authorities confiscated their generators, hundreds of anti-Wall Street protesters struggled to stay warm and dry after the snow storm. Some got tips on how to deal with the cold weather from homeless people.

"They have the most amazing knowledge base for dealing with cold weather," protester Justin Stone-Diaz said. "So honestly, we're getting it from people with experience."

They grew up not learning how to stay warm outside in the cold weather?

OWS is a boon for the homeless. Here's this well-connected group of protestors who can set up tents in choice park locations where really lower class people (i.e. the homeless) wouldn't think to try to camp en masse. But once the protestor types set up shop the homeless can come on in and park right next to them.

In some cities the police and members of the public are losing patience with protestors. In some cities police have moved in and closed tent cities: Richmond Virginia police shut down their encampment. How long will the theater of OWS go on? Their shows give left-leaning pundits the opportunity to hold forth about inequality and declining living standards. If only this opportunity was put to constructive use. But no.

If the pundits on the Left would only drill down to root causes of declining living standards the OWS movement would serve a constructive purpose. But while the Left flirts with root causes I do not expect Leftists will shift away from class warfare and status warfare as primary concerns.

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