2011 October 17 Monday
Tablets Making People Spend Too Much?

Does the iPad make impulse buying a bigger problem?

Tablets represent a huge opportunity for Bezos, not only to sell a new kind of device but also to entice people to buy more stuff. Even with only 28.7 million iPads sold, e-commerce sites say they see an increasing amount of traffic coming from tablets. Forrester Research (FORR) reported this summer that online purchases made on tablets now account for 20 percent of all mobile e-commerce sales, and that nearly 60 percent of tablet owners have used them to shop. Bezos says tablets “are a huge tailwind for our business.” Amazon once saw spikes in traffic during the workday lunch hours. Now traffic is more evenly distributed as people pick up their tablets anytime of the week, buying the books and albums they see on television and making impulsive decisions about replacing their dishwashers.

If you can call up goods to buy at a moment's notice with something you carry with you all the time it seems to me that a substantial portion of the population will be more likely to spend than would otherwise be the case.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2011 October 17 09:25 PM  Economics Human Weakness

WJ said at October 22, 2011 7:08 PM:

Tablets combine convenience with the right form factor. Laptops/desktops are less compact, while smartphones are too compact - for reading reviews, seenig pics, comparing prices, etc. Tablets are just barely emerging from early adopter status. The people using them are more likely to have money (or credit) to buy toys and gadgets. Besides, tablets suck for productive work. Gaming, reading, surfing, and shopping seem to be their primary functions.

WJ said at October 22, 2011 9:30 PM:

And another point: it strikes me that a high fraction of the iPad owners I meet are women, and women are the planet's most devoted shoppers. I've never seen numbers, but I'd bet the iPad market skews more female than any gadget in recent memory. Or perhaps ever, though Kindles may be close.

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