2011 October 14 Friday
Harvard Routes Yale At Presidential Level

George W. Bush has a Yale undergrad degree (from before Yale raised admissions standards) and a Harvard MBA. Barack Obama has a Harvard law degree. Mitt Romney (the most likely Republican Party presidential candidate in 2012) has a Harvard MBA and Harvard law degree. You see a trend here? I'm thinking in 2016 2 Harvard degrees will be the minimum for a Presidential candidate to win party nomination. 3 Harvard degrees would provide a distinct advantage.

So what about Yale? Yalies had their high point in the 1990s with George Bush Sr and Clinton and even George W. Bush. The tide is now running toward Harvard in a big way. You can think of George W. Bush as having drawn on both Yale and Harvard. But it is clear that 2nd best is no longer good enough.

So we've got to start thinking: Which Harvard alums would make good Presidential timber in 2016? Harvard ought to make available an online searchable database of Harvard grads with ability to restrict by age range so we can troll online for people to promote as Presidential candidates. Time to fill up the pipeline and get those folks elected to the Senate or a governorship in 2012 to get them ready for 2016.

If Harvard doesn't take steps then this is going to create an opening for Yale or even Princeton.

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Demolition Man said at October 14, 2011 8:10 PM:

It is interesting that none of these Harvard and Yale educated presidents have any training in economics or technology, etc. Obama even confessed that he does not have any knowledge of economics. So these Ivy League educated presidents have not studied the field of economics where many Nobel laureate economists are teaching. Pathetic.

In fact, Obama used to work in Wall Street without any knowledge of economics or stocks, or derivatives (which are very mathematical objects), but by virtue of having a Harvard degree he was hired just to be there.

Ron said at October 14, 2011 9:26 PM:

Wall St. firms and investment banks hire analysts out of undergrad. They recruit from the Ivies and some others, around 15 to 20 schools total. They generally don't really care what you major in or your math ability. They usually have a month long training program for new hires where they teach what they think are the relevant economics, finance, and accounting material, and most of the math most investment bankers do is arithmetic.

There are certain divisions like quantitative trading that look for specific technical background and ability.

Shawn said at October 15, 2011 7:15 AM:

W.Bush was rejected from the University of Texas Law School but got into Yale and Harvard.

Regarding H as being a plus. Who votes for someone because he/she went to a certain school? Some people must; I don't. Do they just get more money from donors because of their pedigree or what?

bbartlog said at October 15, 2011 4:28 PM:

They get the magic elevator ride to the top. The network of alumni is powerful enough to ensure media coverage. The donors come automatically once you're anointed as frontrunner. Someone who wanted to could probably datamine Google News to see where the articles and talking points are fed into the system (i.e. which news services, papers and so on are tasked with leading the news cycle and putting out newest information).

Brendon Carr said at October 15, 2011 5:27 PM:

That Ivy League domination of our ruling class is a problem for America; I'm thinking someone from, say, Morehouse College could set things straight.

Assdf said at October 17, 2011 2:12 AM:

Going to Harvard was a big boost to my self confidence and made me comfortable dealing with rich people. It also makes rich people comfortable dealing with me.

WJ said at October 22, 2011 8:29 PM:

Romney attended Stanford his first undergrad year but then transferred to...Brigham Young University. I wouldn't bet on Harvard or the Ivies dominating the presidency for too much longer, and right now their dominance now is due to graduate degrees and the Bush family. Drought stage is right around the corner.

Their student bodies are increasingly dominated by Asians, Jews, and foreigners. For the presidency, being a non-Jewish white will remain a significant advantage for a long time to come, and the admissions processes at the Ivies seem to be tilted against white conservative "gentiles." Expect to see more Republican and even Democratic nominees from flagship state uni's, military academies, and non-Ivy elites - UVA, UNC, Duke, Vanderbilt, Rice, etc. Presidential alma mater is a lagging indicator, reflecting the student bodies of 30-40 years ago. The overwhelming majority of Republican Party nominees for the 21st C. will have non-Ivy bachelor's degrees. As of 2012, of the three Republican nominees so far this century, only Bush will have had an Ivy bachelor's, and that as a legacy admit. Not one of the likely Republican nominees has an Ivy League bachelor's. Jon Huntsman, Jr. is the only candidate who does (from Penn) but he's polling 8th of 8.

And yes, I caught the strong sarcastic vibe running through your post.

WJ said at October 22, 2011 9:12 PM:

"but by virtue of having a Harvard degree [Obama] was hired just to be there."

And by virtue of being an AA hire - also the reason he became president# Whatever else he may be, it's fair to say Obama doesn't do much AA with regard to his own hires# Recall the famous picture of the situation room during the Bin Laden assassination. 13 people of identifiable race and gender: 11 are men, 12 are white, and the 13th #Obama himself# is only half black. Three more partials in the picture are almost certainly all men, and one, based on his hair, is definitely white.

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