2011 September 05 Monday
Book On Jane Fonda Plumbs The Depths Of Her Foolishness

Check out this Daily Mail piece about a new book on Jane Fonda by Patricia Bosworth. (h/t Ray Sawhill)

Not only that, but he’d made her sell her comfortable house in Los Angeles and buy a shabby two-bedroom shack in Santa Monica that smelled of mildew, where the couple shared a mattress on the floor. She couldn’t even wear her Cartier wristwatch any more, because Hayden disliked any show of possessions. So she’d replaced it with a cheaper Timex.

Sacrificing a Cartier for love.

Her brother and daughter loathed Tom Hayden. Good for them.

To the despair of her brother Peter and daughter Vanessa, who both loathed Hayden, she allowed herself to be belittled for years. ‘I simply didn’t think my ideas or feelings were as important or credible as his,’ she confessed later.

Before hooking up with Hayden she decided she ought to go to bed with lots of political activists. Ayn Rand would understand her man-worship.

‘She sat at Tom’s feet, literally,’ remembers fellow pacifist David Dellinger. ‘She looked up to him like he was some sort of god.’

Human beings go to ridiculous lengths to rationalize their instincts. The best example of her lack of self understanding:

Jane thought if she and Hayden had a child, it would express solidarity with Vietnam.

I haven't followed her at all. She seems like yet another Hollywood celebrity whose fame allowed them to express political nuttiness to a large audience. Ho hum. But I wonder if she ever became non-nutty about politics. Is it beyond intellectual capability to make sense of the world?

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Kudzu Bob said at September 5, 2011 5:24 PM:

During the ’08 election I asked my bright but distinctly apolitical girlfriend if she would be voting for Obama. She said that no, she would not be.

“How come?”

She frowned, and then said, “Well, somehow I don’t think Daddy would have liked him very much.” (I should add that her father had died ten years before, not long after she finished high school.)

At that moment I was impressed with the parenting job that he had done.

Big Bill said at September 9, 2011 5:25 AM:

Those were the days! It brings back many fond memories. The Movement was a wonderful way to screw blond shiksas, as the Mark Rudds, Huey Newtons, Abbie Hoffmans, Eldridge Cleavers and Jerry Rubins discovered with much delight.

bjk said at September 12, 2011 5:43 AM:


You can't make this stuff up.

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