2011 May 11 Wednesday
Border Controls Coming Back In Europe

The revolutions in North Africa have driven so many Muslims northward into Europe that even Europe's ruling elites have decided that drastic measures must be taken to cut the flow of illegal immigrants.

In a serious blow to one of the cornerstones of a united, integrated Europe, EU interior ministers embarked on a radical revision of the passport-free travel regime known as the Schengen system to allow the 26 participating governments to restore border controls.

They also agreed to combat immigration by pressing for "readmission accords" with countries in the Middle East and north Africa to send refugees back to where they came from.

The Danes have turned against Muslim immigration. Without waiting for an EU decision Denmark has already started doing some border checks.

Denmark came under a barrage of European fire Thursday over its sudden decision to reintroduce controls at its borders with Germany and Sweden, despite its membership of the Schengen passport-free zone.

Razib says Go Denmark! I agree.

France stopped a train from Italy known to have Tunisians on it.

France acted within its rights when it halted trains carrying North African migrants crossing its border from Italy, the European Commission says.

Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem said French officials had cited "public order reasons".

The African immigrants aim to get into wealthier northern Europe.

In the past, most immigrants were keen to travel on to the richer countries in the north, such as the UK, Germany, or the Netherlands, and Schengen made it easier for them to reach most destinations. The 30,000 Tunisians who have arrived in Italy lately are mostly heading to France. They speak the language and many have relatives or friends who already live there. Italy, eager to ease the burden on their reception camps in Lampedusa and Sicily, issued temporary residency permits and ushered them on.

Anti-immigrant sentiment is rising worldwide.

Just as Americans want Mexicans out, Mexicans, who might be tolerant of their country as a passageway north to the United States, have no patience with the undocumented Guatemalans and Hondurans increasingly falling short of their destinations. Nor are their feelings of resentment unique. Around the world, the welcome mat for outsiders is being rolled up on a scale rarely seen in history as economies continue to struggle and worries about cultural identities rise.

Of course in the US our elites continue to lecture us on how we should be for more immigration. The US is definitely a lagging state due to its elites. But throw in some more recessions caused by Peak Oil and high commodities costs and even our elites will be forced to turn anti-immigration.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2011 May 11 07:38 PM  Immigration Border Control

REN said at May 13, 2011 2:09 PM:

The retreating Mongols inserted Turks into the Balkans. The Ottoman Turks in turn, moved tribes around to sow dissent, and hence make their rule easier. Stalin moved tribes around also to make the population more fractious and hence easier to control. High levels of third world immigration in the U.S. is due to the 1965 immigration act. The people who pushed the act on us were not in the American mainstream, but instead were a special interest group. No dominant people group would vote for their own demise, and therefore the act should be investigated by anybody who is curious.

So, why do Europeans allow different tribes to immigrate to their lands? I suggest it is postwar guilt, where Western society has been shamed and no longer has civilizational gonads. What people group is doing the shaming and brainwashing, and who pushed the 1965 immigration act? It is taken on faith that immigration is somehow good, when evidence suggests it is a means for dissent and control. The 1920 immigration cut-off was installed precisely because the Eastern European immigrants of the late 1800's had become indigestible, and were agitating for international communism. By the late 1950's the cut-off had done its job, and the American populace had merged into one tribe. A single tribe European DNA country, that is at peace with itself, is a threat.

REN said at May 13, 2011 2:18 PM:

Addendum; By 1965 the U.S. was approx. 90% European ancestry and rest was Negro or other. In historical terms, 1965 was not long ago, and the massive demographic shift we are experiencing now will have long term consequences. Europeans, whose ancestors evolved on their lands, may find the will to push back. We are probably seeing the first of that push back now. Personally, I suspect the U.S. will eventually morph into a country like Brazil. Places like China and Japan will never be threatened with immigration, as they won't stand for it.

WJ said at May 13, 2011 11:34 PM:

If you want to find a place in America that looks like Brazil, simply visit our maternity wards. Roughly half of all newborns are minorities. Brazil is 48% white, 7% black, 43% mestizo. Brazil's nominal per capita GDP is $10,800. The USA's is $47,100. Granted our whites are probably smarter than their whites, but still...

We have a long way to fall.

I wonder to what extent the ruling elite is actually cutting immigration, and to what extent they only want to appear to be cutting immigration. I'd wager a large share of those Tunisians eventually end up in France. After all, the most effective way to stop the problem would be to put all those boat people ashore back in Africa. Once word got out Africans would stop making the voyage.

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