2011 May 07 Saturday
China Winning Broadly On Espionage

Pauline Arrilliga of the Associated Press has a good piece on the scale of China's espionage in the United States. China's going to close the military and industrial gap not just because the US companies are moving technology en masse into China but also because the Chinese are very good at finding corruptible American citizens and residents.

And Shriver is just one of at least 57 defendants in federal prosecutions since 2008 charging espionage conspiracies with China or efforts to pass classified information, sensitive technology or trade secrets to intelligence operatives, state-sponsored entities, private individuals or businesses in China, according to an Associated Press review of U.S. Justice Department cases.

Of those, nine are awaiting trial, and two are considered fugitives. The other defendants have been convicted, though some are yet to be sentenced.

China will surpass the US economically and the US military edge won't last long. With many former top officials of the US government now acting as paid agents of foreign governments (and what does it mean?) Americans in important positions are easily purchased. So as China's influence buying power, technological prowess, and economy all grow the US has got to find a strategy for how to defend its real interests. That means it has to stop serving interests of assorted economic and ethnic interests. I think the prospects are bleak for such a big pivot in how our elites govern. So America's future is one of decline.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2011 May 07 01:09 PM  China Control Abroad

Zimriel said at May 7, 2011 7:21 PM:

Would we (of Euro descent) rather be ruled from China, or from DC?

My thought is, increasingly, "rather China". As some wise men once said, may God keep the Tsar - far from us. China is further from us.

Todd said at May 8, 2011 2:12 PM:


What do you think of the Sibel Edmonds' piece you linked to? Do you believe her claims? It's interesting that she hasn't been sued for defamation or anything like that.

Randall Parker said at May 8, 2011 7:32 PM:


I've got no way to know for sure. We really do have private factions doing negotiations with foreign governments and trying to get the US and other governments to do stuff. Some guys are corrupt. Some Americans are spying for foreign governments to which they feel ethnic or other loyalties or just for the money. All that happens. Are the specific charges by Edmonds correct? Probably some of them are. Surely the neocons are not beyond many of the charges she levels at them. Surely foreign governments will deal in US secrets with each other.

Rohan Swee said at May 9, 2011 7:15 AM:

Seems kind of silly to go to all the trouble of getting convictions for a few nickel-and-dime spies, when for the last several decades we've been transferring technology right, left, and center, all above-board and legal. Couple that with our universities' belief that taxpayer subsidies are best used in providing advanced educations for foreigners (particularly Chinese nationals), and I'm left wondering what these guys were popped for - taking piss-ant payments for something good Americans should hand over for free, or for the opportunity to contribute to the trade deficit?

Maybe it gives bureaucrats in our sclerotic and ever-more meaningless security agencies something to do, and maintains the illusion, for them and the public, that they're defending an actual nation.

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