2010 December 18 Saturday
Immigration Nightmare Act Dies In Senate

Yet another elite push for immigration amnesty has died in the US Senate.

The House had passed the bill, but on Saturday a Senate vote to cut off debate failed 55-41 on a largely party-line vote, essentially killing the legislation for this year. (Sixty votes were needed to end floor debate.) And with Republicans taking over the House and gaining seats in the Senate as a result of the recent midterm elections, prospects for the DREAM Act have dimmed considerably.

This is a great relief. The incoming Republicans are far less likely to let thru an immigration amnesty. So we dodged a bullet.

Meanwhile at the state level the current is flowing toward more immigration law enforcement.

Massachusetts State Police will join a controversial federal program early next year to help the US government detect and deport illegal immigrants arrested for crimes, a sharp departure from Governor Deval Patrick’s 2007 decision barring troopers from enforcing immigration laws.

It says a lot (nothing good) about elite left-liberal views on immigration that a Governor of a very liberal state would actually oppose deportation of criminals.

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miles said at December 18, 2010 5:08 PM:


Ive thought for the past seven or eight years privately that there would be an amnesty someday. Im just hoping we can delay it for as long as possible for our youth, so that they can arrange their education and lives in such a way for them to thrive in a very low-labor-wage America. This generally means for them to get skills, trades, and degrees. I dont want to see our youth caught flat-footed if/when the Government suddenly makes 20 million low-wage former-illegals legal with devastating effects on the pay-scale of working people. Whites in particular cannot simply go on welfare and live in public-housing. Its too dangerous for them physically to live in ghettos.

Lisa Murkowski voted for the bill as did Dick Lugar. Those two were dissapointments. I wrote my senators. Corker is solid, but Alexander's reply had some hackneyed cop-out dialogue ("Lifeblood of the country" and similar tripe). He might waver in the future if its expedient and OK a "reform" package that doesn't give us a wall. Any agreement we reach means nothing without a wall and troops guarding it.

Engineer Dad said at December 19, 2010 4:33 PM:

President Barack Obama says it is "incredibly disappointing" that Senate Republicans blocked a bill to grant illegal immigrants a chance to gain legal status.

Isn't it time the American people cashiered this clueless clown?

Barack Obama's misguided intention to harness America's conscientious and productive in order to to gratify and vastly enlarge the unreliable and uncaring is horrifying.

I Care said at December 20, 2010 12:22 PM:

It says a lot (nothing good) about elite left-liberal views on immigration that a Governor of a very liberal state would actually oppose deportation of criminals.-

I'm in favor of having those undocumented, misidentified innocent folk housed at the governor's mansion with the good Gov. Patrick until their trial comes up. John Kerry's place too..

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