2010 November 25 Thursday
Heather Mac Donald Thanks Human Ingenuity

Heather thanks the engineers who reduce our odds of dying from disasters and diseases.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am grateful for the human ingenuity that tries to foil such tragic Acts of God as the Haitian earthquake through heroic feats of engineering, and when such preventive efforts fail, that tries to save as many surviving victims through medical science. I am grateful that human reason has conquered so much of the squalor and suffering that nature unleashes upon the world. I hope that Haitiís suffering comes to an end through tolerance, honesty, enterprise, and discipline.

What made those feats of human ingenuity possible? Read economic historian Gregory Clark's book A Farewell to Alms: A Brief Economic History of the World. About this book read the reviewa by NY Times science writer Nicholas Wade as well as Harvard economist Benjamin Friedman.

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