2010 November 19 Friday
US Senate Wants To Vote Billions For Lawsuits

The US Senate is doing its politically correct part to squander the nation's wealth.

The U.S. Senate yesterday approved spending $4.6 billion to settle two lawsuits: one by black farmers who alleged racial discrimination by government lenders and the other by 300,000 American Indians who said they had been cheated out of land royalties dating to 1887.

Passage of the measure, by voice vote, unblocks a legislative logjam that has thwarted payouts, negotiated by the Obama administration, of $1.15 billion to the black farmers and $3.4 billion to the American Indians.

A few thoughts: First, the US government is deep in the hole and should not go around finding more reasons to pay out billions of dollars. Second, farmer aid is pretty much theft from the rest of us in the first place. If black farmers are complaining they didn't get all the legal opportunities to rip us off (and count me skeptical) that white farmers got then this seems good to me. We got a lesser injustice done to us as taxpayers because not all farmers were able to rip us off. That's the thing about the welfare state: Obstacles to getting access tos largesse are not injustices done to the denied seekers. So why should Congress reward people who failed to rip us off?

Then there are the Amerinds from the 19th century: I think there should be a statute of limitations on wrongs that kicks in after a century if not sooner. None of the people alive today were involved in what happened in the 19th century.

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WJ said at November 23, 2010 11:00 PM:

All true, but you miss the real point: why are lame duck congressional sessions and midnight presidential pardons even allowed? Where's the constitutional amendment to get rid of both? Barring an emergency, there should be no post-election congressional sessions. The power of a president to pardon should end October 31 the last year of his term, and Congress should be able to override any pardon with a 2/3rds vote.

The Democrats are pursuing an agenda that they weren't willing to run on. They're doing so because they know they won't be getting the House back anytime soon, though perhaps the DREAM Act will help. If they had debated these bills before November 2 it would've cost them 20 more House seats, and probably control of the Senate.

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