2010 November 02 Tuesday
Immigrants De-assimilating In Europe

Steve points to a blog post by U Chicago public policy grad student Tino Sanandaji on indications that immigrants to Europe are de-assimilating.

I just read an important new paper about immigration and assimilation in Europe, that (if the information in it is correct) contains surprising results. The paper includes data on employment rate of first and second generation non-European immigrants in the 3 major European countries of France, Germany and U.K (the 4th largest European country - Italy - has few non-European immigrants).

Looking carefully at the data in some of the tables, we can see that non-European immigrants in Europe are de-assimilating, with the second generation doing worse than the parents.

This isn't the only measure of de-assimilation. Other indicators include spread of the hijab head covering, Muslim terrorism, forced marriages (with bounty hunters to kidnap the women), and cousin marriage.

Shouldn't problems be solved? Rather than wallow in these problems and let civilization decay shouldn't policy makers do something to address the root causes of problems? In that spirit some modest proposals:

Given European opposition to cutting the welfare state the need for them to reverse the immigrant flows is even more urgent.

The men aren't working.

For women, the second generation is slowly assimilating. Whereas the first generation works 35% less than natives, the second generation works 27% less than natives, an improvement of 8 percentage points. (the figures are the non-weighted, arithmetic mean of the 3 countries, below I have put data in each one).

For men however the trend is the opposite. The second generation non-European immigrants are less likely to work than the previous generation! While the first generation work 10% less than natives, the second generation works 24% less, a deterioration of 14 percentage points.

Gotta state the obvious: People who aren't working aren't paying taxes and instead are collecting benefits from the welfare state. So these immigrants are not helping Europe deal with the costs of an aging population.

The other needed information here: For those immigrants and their descendants who are working how much money are they making and how much taxes are they paying. It seems likely that a group with a lower labor market participation also works at lower skilled and lowering paying jobs when they do work. So the difference between native and immigrant labor on government revenue and costs is probably much larger than indicated by only the labor market participation rates.

On the bright side, German politicians are getting on the clue train.

Horst Seehofer, leader of the Christian Democratic Union Party (CSU), which is a member of the coalition government in Germany, said in an interview to Focus magazine, "It is obvious that immigrants from Turkey and Arab countries face more difficulty integrating into German society than other immigrants."

"In any case," Seehofer added," the conclusion is that we donít need additional immigrants from 'foreign cultures'."

The center-left parties in Europe are losing power over immigration. There's hope for Europe.

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Johnny Walker said at November 2, 2010 11:17 PM:

Europeans are generally more sane on immigration than Americans. Though the Asians (Taiwan, Japan, Korea, etc.)
are the most sensible of all.

Currently, net migration to Germany is at about 0. There's actually been a slightly net emigration
of Turks. The problem for Germany isn't immigration, considering how sealed their borders are. The problem
is the millions of immigrants in the country. Though Germany is somewhat better off, considering that
Muslims are only 5% of Germany's population. So all in all, Germany is in a pretty good position. Good
for them that they have come to their senses.

David Cameron has promised 40,000 net migration for the UK. If he can really enact that, it'd show
some sanity in the UK as well.

Sarkozy has brought down immigration quite a bit too, though not low enough. Migration to France is about
1/3 the rate of the U.S. immigration rate.

Italy is locked down pretty well now, under Berlusconi.

Spain has moved right on immigration too.

Mike said at November 10, 2010 5:33 PM:

It interesting how the employment patterns for Muslim and African immigrants reflect the same employment patterns for working class whites, with the women finding it easier to get work than the men.

In a post industrial economies, there are only three classes of readily available jobs - low wage service jobs, high level office jobs, and skilled manual jobs protected from globalisation. Since males are more suited to manual work or high level office work, but theses jobs require a relatively high IQ, there is a large pool of essentially useless low IQ males in the economy. The importation of large numbers of NAMs into Europe, which the elites have wrongly presumed could be trained up to high level positions, has simply expanded the number of proles who are unsuited to the limited range and number of jobs available.

The elites may not yet be openly admitting that they believe in HBD, but there actions suggest their opinions are starting to change.

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