2010 October 14 Thursday
Roissy: The Duke Rejection List

Roissy offers a uniquely perceptive take on the real story in Karen Owen's PowerPoint of her college jock hook-ups.

I’ve gotten more emails to write about this Duke slut Karen Owen than I have on any other topic. I wasn’t interested at first, having scanned the notorious Powerpoint (also at this link in case first doesn’t work) and concluded that it was just another story of a whore riding the (alpha) cock carousel who happened to forego discretion and publicize her sluttery, nothing to see here move along dystopia down the hall and to your left. But a closer inspection of Owen’s tell-all reveals a river of scorned subconsciousness that the mainstream feminist bloggers have predictably failed to notice –

this chick was rejected by each and every one of these high status men she banged.

“But how can that be?”, some of the duller among you will ask. “None of the men turned her down for sex.”

They all pumped-and-dumped her. Read the full tragic analysis. It is the story of millions of women who try to basically punch above their weight while young.

So then what happens? The implications are for continued decay of civilization.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2010 October 14 08:53 PM  Human Nature Mating

Jerry Martinson said at October 16, 2010 3:23 PM:

Reading this makes me much more glad I married who I did. I know it's a double standard but it's quite hard to picture a Karen Owen type ever being fit to be the mother of my children.

Escapist said at October 16, 2010 8:09 PM:

Interesting how old HBD/alt-right dudes like you buy into Roissy's frame:

Roissy: "I'm a deep adjective-heavy Alpha paleo thinker* drowing in Poon and disillusioned by the nature of Perfidious Slut females, with manly insight for the betas**"

Old HBD Dudes: "I’m socially conservative, but Game is hilarious and reveals the truths of the Perfidious Slut Matrix"

I've had a number of bad experiences with middle class People of Pallor for years as a young kid – does this mean that the snooty left-meets-ethno-chauvinist grievance crew is right about them in general? Answer: no

*mostly the same ideas you've already seen a million times, just restated

**Roissy et al _are_ the betas. Or more accurately, the omegas.

Sexy Pterodactyl said at October 16, 2010 8:13 PM:

While the HBD/Game crowd will give "they are not all like this" concessions in the field of ethnicity, they are far more resistant to doing so for Perfidious Slut Hamster-Headed Hypergamous Females. This is partly because the left itself is more fiercely dedicated to policing ethnic rather than gender stuff - and partly because women are both a larger % of the population and more of a player in disgruntled HBD/Game blogosphere dudes' lives than HBD-blogosphere-disfavored ethnicities. Hence women deliver more ego-wounds which have to be repaid.

Naughty nasal appendages,

Sexy P

**Sexy Pterodactyl likes perfidious sluts and he cannot lie. Those Other Bitches can’t deny

***How do you like Sexy Pterodactyl?


Randall Parker said at October 16, 2010 10:22 PM:

Escapist/Sexy Pterodactyl,

I get that you do not like Roissy. Fine, okay. But beyond that I can't figure out what you are objecting to exactly. You spend too much time talking about the factions in the debate and not enough making your own points clearly. Really, I find you hard to parse.

Your own sarcastic paraphrasings of the arguments of those you do not agree with misrepresents them and I think betrays a misunderstanding of some of the factions.

So what is your point about Game? That it does not work? Or that slutty girls should not be spoken about with so much opprobrium?

Do you deny that promiscuous women are far more likely to divorce?

You need to do more than post lots of sarcasm if you want to get taken seriously.

Escapist said at October 18, 2010 3:00 PM:

@Randall Parker

Reading is tough, let's make pterodactyl cookies for the manosphere!

Check my posts at Escapist (Game, MRA PUAs and Very Bad Females# for a critique of the manosphere #including Roissy et al# shtick, and Sexy Pterodactyl's for a parody of them. It's all pretty clear #and a fun read, per reader comments/emails)

"Holla back",

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