2010 October 03 Sunday
More On Female Promiscuity And Divorce

The Social Pathologist again takes up the effects of female promiscuity on marital stability.

Each additional sexual partner increased the odds of infidelity by 7% while increasing years of education seem to decrease the risk by 10%. Very roughly speaking each addition partner negates the benefit of a year of education with regard to infidelity risk. Yet another study demonstrating the effect of promiscuity on relationship exclusivity/stability.

Social science data is useful and should help guide you in making life decisions. Really.

You can catch on his previous postings on sluts and divorce here. It is a cautionary tale for guys who are thinking about marriage. Remember, divorce court is not exactly cricket. Unless you are marrying a woman who earns a large yearly income be very concerned about her sexual history. Either marry an 18 year old virgin or a 30 year old specialist MD who makes $300k+ per year.

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someguy said at October 5, 2010 5:29 AM:

I agree social science can inform us a great deal about how to live and I also think the topic is a great example. I just had "the talk" with my oldest son and in thinking about one bit of advice to tell him about relations with the opposite sex (it could even be thought of as the most important thing to remember to create a happy life). Don't marry a loose woman. I have seen scores of friends and relatives have their lives destroyed by terrible whoreish women. These are stand up guys who work, are good looking, good fathers, and creative.

On the topic of ignoring social science research the most intriguing are evolutionary psychologists. I don't know how many brilliant researchers at the beginning or end of their talks end by telling the audience the results actually are not able to be applied (i.e., they are meaningless results). The quick 180 from talking up the results to talking them down is really something to behold and always makes me disappointed in the presenter. They are skittish about the unPC results. I think for some the relationship is inverse so that the more unPC the results of their research the more PC there politics get.

no i don't said at October 7, 2010 11:30 AM:

Maybe. When money falls short at home, love flies out the window. Most men would agree to support the whole family -including the wife- but not many women would really agree to support a man. So I think it has a lot to do with the size of a man's income and the size of the woman's ambition in relationship with her looks and age.

Some women sell their sex waaaay to expensively to their husbands. But as long as there are men willing to put up with that crap and get squeezed dry, women will continue to hold the leash.

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