2010 September 25 Saturday
Britain: Burn A Koran And Go To Jail

Six Englishmen were arrested in Britain for "stirring racial hatred" by burning a couple of Korans and posting a video of their acts on YouTube. Britain does not have freedom of speech

Police have arrested six men over the apparent burning of the Muslim holy book behind a pub in Gateshead on the anniversary of the 11 September attacks on the US. Police refused to say whether those arrested were connected to the far right English Defence League (EDL). A witness said the pub had been the subject of police attention because some customers were alleged to have links to the EDL.

I can't find that YouTube video. But it is possible to find Koran burnings on YouTube.

One wonders: Which race do the police think racial hatred has been stirred in? Whites? Or assorted members of races around the world who are Muslims?

William Dove wants to know since when did Islam become a race?

What I would like to know is which race were these men allegedly stirring up hatred against? After all the Koran is the holy book of the world's second largest faith, so were they stirring hatred against Arabs? Persians? Indonesians? Africans?

Islam is a faith and is no more a race than the Catholic Church is. If these men by their ogreish and uncivilised acts can be arrested on such grounds one might think that the likes of Richard Dawkins, Stephen Fry and Peter Tatchell might get their collars felt for their protests and comments against the Pope and the Catholic Church last week. After all one could argue that Catholics might view the Pope as being almost as holy as the Koran is to Muslims, so why the double standards?

Why the double standards? A few possibilities present. Fear of deranged Muslims seems the most obvious motivation. Can you think of others? What is their main motivation?

  • The British government is afraid of Muslims in other countries.
  • The British government is afraid of Muslims in Britain.
  • The British government wants to stifle opposition and dissent to the multiculturalizing of Britain.
  • The British government does not want to harm the commercial prospects of British companies operating in Muslim countries.

If you want to defend England it makes you "far-right". Didn't defending England used to make you a hero? Whatever happened with that?

The men, all but one of them members of the far-right English Defence League, set fire to what appears to be the Muslim holy books on the anniversary of the 9/11 atrocities in the United States.

Here's the deal: Our elites want to import populations that then cause our elites to to want to restrict our rights. Our elites also want to do military interventions which then cause our elites to restrict our rights. See a pattern? Elites as our enemies.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2010 September 25 11:50 AM  Elites As Enemies

Abelard Lindsey said at September 25, 2010 12:58 PM:

This last one is a legitimate issue.

The British government does not want to harm the commercial prospects of British companies operating in Muslim countries.

However, the proper way to handle this problem is to not allow people from incompatible cultures to settle in the U.K. in the first place. The native Brits would feel no compulsion to burn Korans and British companies would be free to operate in Muslim countries without having to worry about domestic events in the U.K.

Of course we now know full well that Labor, under Blair, was encouraging immigration of people specifically from incompatible cultures in order to deliberately "change" the character of the British people. We also know that Labor cooked the books on the government's finances as well. But that's an issue for another day. There well be hell to pay for all of this.

no said at September 25, 2010 3:04 PM:

You wrote favourably of Tony Blair again not long ago.
Yet it is him and his disastrous government that created Britains 'hate' crime and equalities legislation.

The hate crimes laws aren't just for race, they also cover religion and sexuality etc.
Christans have been taken in for questioning (perhaps not officially arrested, but harrased) for preaching things that are considered homophobic.
Christans have also been ordered out of "Muslim areas" just for preaching from the Bible which is considered provocative. Because of this hate crime legislation.

Someone was once arrested in Britain for rev'ing his engine in a racist way as Muslims crossed the road..

This is Blairs Britain, it is a police state.
Basically people are being accused of thought crimes, with very little real evidence.

Equalities legislation says the new government can't make cuts in spending unless it first does an impact study of the effect on women and minorities, and riskes getting sued over any so called unfairness. Ofcourse they don't give a damn about the disparate impact to the taxpayers though.

the EDL are not exclusively white.

Arcane said at September 26, 2010 7:28 AM:

I'm currently stationed in the UK and I have to say, as sad as it may be for me to admit it, that you're right. The UK is beautiful country that acts as a mirage of the democratically-elected authoritarian state that controls it.

To say that this is "Blair's Britain" is utterly ridiculous. The UK has been in this gradual state of decline for the past six decades, as least.

For example, ever since the Firearms Act of 1968, the nation has enacted greater and greater controls on personal firearms ownership. Today, firearms ownership is nonexistent and is universally accepted across all political parties left and right with no major forces in existence which advocate more laissez-faire policies.

The generous welfare state has basically taken away the will of the British people to accomplish anything great, and they readily will accept greater and greater controls on their liberty to maintain this charade.

Not only that, a significant portion of the electorate still elect politicians with openly utopian goals. To this day, "Towards the New Jerusalem" is still a rallying cry of the Labour Party.

kurt9 said at September 26, 2010 10:05 AM:

The UK has been in this gradual state of decline for the past six decades, as least.

My understand is that things got quite bad in the late 70's, which is why Thatcher became PM. She turned things around somewhat. But then the rot continued after she was gone.

no i don't said at September 29, 2010 2:52 PM:

What, Do they think that the publishers are going to stop publishing Korans or Bibles? I know that's not the point of course, but I mean, if I bought and paid for the koran or the bible or any other god damned book at a bookstore it is mine; so if I disliked it a lot after reading it, hell! I can burn it, because it is mine.

Of course we can always silence the book by glueing its pages and keep it on a shelf or coffe table as a curiosity for invited guests to look at. Yeap, I did that with a book titled "1999 The End Of The World?" Perhaps I'll be called "racist" for that, ha, ha, ha, I'm shivering all over...

Can you immagine a public "glueing" of stupid books... ha, ha, ha

no i don't said at September 29, 2010 2:58 PM:

I can almost hear the preachers say, "I think you should read the Glued-Book, infidel!"

Ha, ha, ha

no i don't said at September 29, 2010 3:00 PM:

Don't burn them. Just GLUE them! ha, ha, ha

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