2010 September 04 Saturday
Islamization In Paris France

At the The Gates of Vienna Baron Bodissey points to a CBN story on Islamization in France.

NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, or even Fox News aren't going to tell us what they do not want us to know. As Derb points out, even Glenn Beck is forced to walk and talk wearing a liberal harness. He can't say what he really believes. Fox presents faux opposition to the liberal suicide of the West. Here's CBN's text report for this story.

It makes me ill to watch the decline of the West. Our elites allow developments such as Islamization in Europe because they are not for us any more. What they are for I can not tell. But not for us. We are their enemies. I do not know what we did to deserve such treatment. I do not understand why they want to subject us to these losses. But there it is.

I would think and write more about this decline but I do like to experience a queasy feeling in my stomach.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2010 September 04 03:35 PM  Europe Demographic Decay

Don't worry (I mean do worry!) said at September 4, 2010 6:08 PM:

There seem to be many reasons that things are going awry, which is unfortunate, because it makes the problem difficult to diagnose.

One thing: a lot of "elites" or would-be elites are working too hard and are too specialized to step back and look at the bigger picture and farther future. The market or the culture or internal drive force them to work too hard to excel (or appear to excel with a nice resume) at whatever profession they are specializing in, and so these people don't seem to ever take the chance to really think about things. Looking at the big picture and the future seems to be one of the main things that differentiates you and me from standard liberals. My classmates at a top ten law school just don't seem to have any room in their minds for anything but career advancement. The law school and the law firms, in addition, provide a sort of grab-bag of good deeds in the form of community service for inner city children and pro bono legal work for indigent (frequently illegal) immigrants. Since they are simply given these prepackaged opportunities to be good, they don't seem to step back and think about what is actually good.

Another thing: they also appear to be quite selfish, whether that selfishness comes in the form of a narrow focus only on enriching themselves or the selfishness of seeking immediate righteousness and piousness at the expense of other people and of the future. But this goes back to big picture style thinking. If they were looking at the big picture, then surely they would not feel good about what they are allowing to happen. And then we get to the delusion that everyone is just as smart and hard-working as they are and ready to be tolerant like they are. These semi-elites can then feel at ease and pretend that nothing could actually be wrong.

And then we have the elite "elites," who work on a global basis and apparently only for their own gain. If the lower elite or would-be elites are all trying to become elite elites, and/or elite elites are setting the trends then it's no wonder elites think the way they do. But then, even the elite elites make noise about being virtuous. So complicated!

Also, some, for ethnic reasons, probably can't find it in their hearts to sympathize with the West.

Randall Parker said at September 4, 2010 9:36 PM:


Yes, specialization is contributing to blindness. But this does not explain why so many are willing to promote, defend, and believe an obviously wrong mythology.

The problem: somehow the mythology of equality before the law morphed into the mythology of equality of potential. Why is that latter mythology so intensely defended? Because people want to believe in happy endings? Because they want to believe in the power of the mind to prevail over matter, that will counts for everything?

What needs does the mythology fulfill?

Yes, there's a definite cognitive bias of not being able to understand just how differently others think as compared to how you think.

Don't worry (I mean do worry!) said at September 5, 2010 3:19 AM:

I think it is helpful to look at actual religion to understand this mythology. Liberal egalitarianism seems to use the same cognitive machinery as religion, especially Christian religion. So if it's built into the brain, then no wonder people get sucked into it so easily! And smart people seem to have a propensity for religious thinking just as much as anyone else, even if factual discoveries have made Christianity more difficult for them to accept. Most people seem to determine truth by what it feels good to believe, which, according to my years of questioning Christians, seems to be the basis of the Christian religion.

Liberal egalitarianism feels good. Even without guilt, it just makes people feel morally good and superior to others. Religious thought may also involve thoughts of sacrifice and giving, partly to get rid of guilt. Guilt appears to be built-in to varying degrees in humans. This corresponds well to the Christian idea of original sin. So if we have this innate, bad feeling of guilt, we are always trying to get rid of it. Even if it doesn't involve guilt, there is still the plain need to feel morally good, but this need may come in mostly the need to feel superior to others, if such a need exists. These forces may be stronger in northern Europeans than in some other humans if higher levels of moral discipline were required for isolated communities to survive harsh winters. There are a lot of other similarities between liberalism and Christianity. Both have a massive (maybe hierarchical?) priesthood, that of liberalism being academia, the media, and schools. Both play on guilt. Liberalism also seems to take on a similar human essentialism to the Christian kind that places humans above all other animals and says they are equal to each other because they all have souls. My point is that we already had an ideology whose basis is very difficult to understand, Christianity. And liberalism is similar. So comparing them should help. And I know I'm not the first one who has said things like this :)

Also, people want to get rid of suffering in the world. Materialistic elites and semi-elites imagine (perhaps correctly) that there must be suffering wherever there is relative inequality in the amount of stuff people have. To justify redistribution to eliminate this suffering, they tell themselves that people are equal and so they deserve equal amounts of stuff. Here we have again the feeling of sacrifice and giving.

Also, the Nazis and their actions and their ultimate loss must have closed off many avenues of thought for a lot of people.

Silvio said at September 9, 2010 10:13 AM:

It makes me ill to watch the decline of the West. Our elites allow developments such as Islamization in Europe because they are not for us any more. What they are for I can not tell. But not for us. We are their enemies. I do not know what we did to deserve such treatment. I do not understand why they want to subject us to these losses. But there it is.

Isn't one of the most galling things about it the rank hypocrisy it's all accompanied by? These bastards have nothing to do with muslims -- particularly not the bearded, berobed pseudo-salafis (think "Freedom Go To Hell" placards) -- in their private lives but refuse to utter a peep in defense of their own culture. Culture. I'm not even talking about race (which is the real issue, when you get down to it). They won't even touch culture, the yellow-bellied bastards. To their credit, the green-haired, facially pierced lesbian set is open to social interaction with muslims. They'll take anyone so that's no surprise, though the great irony is muslims view few westerners with greater contempt. But everyone else from the centre-left on are hypocrites of the highest order.

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