2010 September 01 Wednesday
Tony Blair Sees Gordon Brown As Autistic?

Former British Prime Minister has published a book about his time in government where, among other things, he addresses his relationship with his long time ally and rival Gordon Brown. Tony sees Gordon as handicapped in dealing with human emotion.

Brown, he writes, lacked the political instinct "at the human gut level" at which Blair excelled. "Political calculation, yes. Political feelings, no. Analytical intelligence, absolutely. Emotional intelligence, zero." Looking ahead to Brown's prime ministership, Blair writes baldly: "It was never going to work." Labour lost in 2010 because "it stopped being New Labour".

Of course Tony's long term policy direction (more spending) wasn't sustainable either. But the financial crisis combined with Gordon Brown's failings made a decaying situation worse. Tony thinks New Labour could have won if it had not drifted further to the Left? I'm skeptical. The party's voters wanted more from government. Just like Barack Obama's voters.

"Labour won when it was New Labour," Blair writes in his memoir. "It lost because it stopped being New Labour."

Having the world's reserve currency allows the Democrats in the United States to go further into irresponsibility. The British have less wiggle room for irresponsibility. The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition in the UK is facing reality as it cuts spending. The British government - like the US government - is living beyond its people's means. But the US government can go longer before being forced back toward fiscal responsibility.

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no said at September 1, 2010 9:25 PM:

Tony Blair..
He jumped ship just before the economic crisis and left Brown to take the fall.
Now he comes back as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, as if the problems we have are nothing to do with him.. I would say I can't believe the guys nerve, but I can...

If Blair had still been leader when the economic crisis hit, he'd have done little different to Brown.
No way he'd have gone for austerity, the Labour party in Britain gets votes from the underclass unemployed, from public sector workers (which is a massive number of people), and from recent immigrants.
All of those groups rely on large scale government spending.
Many believe as I do, that Labour intentionally got as many people on the public payroll as possible to effectively rig the election in their favour, many of these people know Labour is awful but they don't want to lose their job either.

mattbg said at September 12, 2010 6:24 AM:

Just heard someone on BBC Radio 4 saying that the way to future growth lies in more public spending, and that public spending should be more of a priority than boosting the private sector. Not a single public sector job should be lost, he said.

They need a dictator to come in and sort that country out. You are right -- it's not sustainable.

Tony Blair is widely despised in the UK. Gordon Brown was his finance minister, so he has a lot of responsibility. But it's not all Gordon Brown's fault.

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